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'RuPaul's Drag Race' Merchandise: Kandy Muse's 'arrogant' jewelry to Tina Burner's hand fan, here's what to buy

Hop on the ultimate pandemic shopping spree, the 'RuPaul's Drag Race' way!
UPDATED JAN 30, 2021
Tamisha called Kandy Muse out for being 'arrogant', a comment that didn't sit well with Kandy (VH1)
Tamisha called Kandy Muse out for being 'arrogant', a comment that didn't sit well with Kandy (VH1)

The latest episode of 'RuPaul's Drag Race', titled 'Untucked' really packed in the drama. We saw Kandy Muse come for Elliott with Two Ts and Tamisha Iman, the argument between the three, especially Tamisha and Kandy got explosive. Tamisha called Kandy out for being "arrogant", a comment that didn't sit well with Kandy, who was quick to retaliate and mention to her that it didn't matter how long Tamisha had been doing drag, that didn't mean she was better than her. The RPDR official Twitter handle tweeted a clip of the argument with the caption "The ATL peach and the Dominican doll walk into #Untucked… and the rest is history! @TamishaIman1 @TheKandyMuse #DragRace" and you can clearly see Kandy go off.


Fans were quick to discuss what seems to be the first fight of the season and by the look of it most of them were on Tamisha's side. "Kandy Muse talking about Star Quality cause she thought she's the Vanjie or meme queen of the season but she's becoming more like the Ganache. Nope. Mess. Tamisha got star quality for days. #DragRace" said a fan, pointing out how this fight mirrored the Silky Ganache/Yvie Oddly debacle. "This #Untucked is off the charts. Kandy Muse is acting too defensive...which tells you there's truth to what Tamisha Iman is saying. She is arrogant. #DragRace #RupaulsDragRace #DragRace13" said another in agreement.


Kandy Muse took to Twitter too, while the episode was airing... to sell her merchandise? While fans couldn't stop talking about the drama, Kandy took it as the perfect opportunity to plug her merchandise, seeing that she tweeted this "I’ve always worn the words thrown at me with pride, this one is no different. #ARROGANT."


We checked out of curiosity to see if any other season 13 queens had their own bling and here are our favorite picks!

Cool down with the Tina Burner 'Burnin' Up' hand fan

Tina always says what's on her mind, regardless if it's going to get her into trouble. This fan is perfect for when you want to channel your inner Tina and spill the tea.

Keep it creative and kitschy with this Utica golden ruffles signed print

Utica has proved to us that she is definitely the perfect mix of fashion and fun in this season, and knows how to turn out – this poster is proof of that!

Relive in Symone's iconic fashion moment with this inspired Polaroid dress tee

Symone's runaway look had us all gagged in the best way possible – seriously who wouldn't want that gorgeous mug on a shirt.

Flash a smile with The OMG 'HEY' Rosé Jumbo Lips Sticker

Trust Rosé to show up on the show with a fake blacked-out tooth - this queen knows how to make us laugh!

Make your mark with this itty bitty Liv Lux Entrance mini-bag

Olivia Lux's entry look oozed old Hollywood meets the ultimate candy dream, complete with this tiny bag – and now you can too!

Make a statement with these Gottmik Crash the Cis-tem sticker

Gottmik is here to change the game and switch it up - these stickers are perfect for those who stan this queen and let's be honest, who doesn't?

Break the ice with this adorable Denali toe pick pin

Denali skated her way into our hearts with her phenomenal skills and this cute little pin is here to remind that this queen can cut through can challenge!

Stray gounded with this Kahmora Hall 'I was rooting for you!' Tote

Kahmora may have gotten eliminated first, but you can continue rooting for her with this cute tote.

Crank it up with this Kandy Muse denim BOOMBOX enamel

Who can forget the first ever lip-sync of the season between Kandy Muse, Joey Jay and Kandy's iconic boom box (yes, it gets its own special mention). Now you can get your own mini enamel version of it!

Catch all the new episodes of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 13 on VH1 every Friday at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings.