Kamala Harris blamed for EVERYTHING as Internet mocks news report 'exposing' her ties to tech giants

Internet users hilariously accused Senator Kamala Harris of nearly everything, after a story about her ties with tech giants was exposed

                            Kamala Harris blamed for EVERYTHING as Internet mocks news report 'exposing' her ties to tech giants
Kamala Harris (Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Friday, July 17, evening saw Twitter filled with tweets blaming Senator Kamala Harris for almost everything that ever happened in the world. In case you were wondering what brought on this weird trend, then we got you covered. The tweets were in response to a Huffington Post story on how a series of e-mails revealed the proximity the senator shared with some big tech companies.

The report slammed Harris for treating the tech giants as allies rather than a threat to the security and freedom of the United States. The piece accused the senator of prioritizing the interests of tech giants over key policy-making issues. "As a senator, Harris has been mostly quiet on policy-making issues that carry implications for Facebook and Google. She sat out the debate on a 2018 sex trafficking bill ― once her signature issue ― only entering her name as a co-sponsor after it was clear the bill would pass by a wide margin," cited the story.

When Internet users stumbled upon the story and saw how it accused Harris of hobnobbing with tech giants like Facebook and Google, they were left feeling amused. So, in response to the Huffington Post story, several people took to their Twitter to blame Kamala for almost everything they could possibly think of, from blaming her for the split of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston to letting Obama wear a tan suit. A user tweeted, "I can't believe Kamala Harris let Obama wear that tan suit. #huffpostHeadlines." Another user wrote, "Why didn't Kamala Harris stop me from marrying that guy in 2008? #huffpostHeadlines." "Why didn't Kamala Harris prosecute Big Red for assaulting Bird and dangling him out a window? #huffpostHeadlines," wondered another user. 

"'Just In' Kamala Harris did indeed discover how the Pyramids were built, but she's selling the info to the highest bidder. So much for working 'For The Peoole'!! SMDH. #huffpostHeadlines," joked another user. "Kamala Harris could've prevented the death of Maya St Germain, but she chose to go out to dinner instead. #huffpostHeadlines," expressed a user.

"Why didn’t Kamala Harris stop @HuffPost from letting @zachdcarter publish a hit piece that included ZERO on-the-record sources who criticized Harris' work as AG or bought into Carter’s opinion? #huffpostHeadlines She at least could’ve made them label it as an opinion piece," wondered a user.

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