Douglas Emhoff gets first 'Second Gentleman' Twitter account: Internet says 'behind every woman is an amazing man'

Kamala Harris's husband Douglas Emhoff now has access to the first ever Second Gentleman Twitter account, and the fans are deeply supportive

                            Douglas Emhoff gets first 'Second Gentleman' Twitter account: Internet says 'behind every woman is an amazing man'
Kamala Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Kamala Harris has made history as the first woman vice president elected to the White House, and with that comes history's first ever Second Gentleman. The vice president's spouse has up until now has been termed the second lady, but Harris' husband Douglas Emhoff has just been given official access to history's first ever Second Gentleman Twitter account, and Emhoff could not be more proud.

On January 16, Emhoff tweeted this from his personal Twitter account: "I'm so incredibly honored and humbled to be the first @SecondGentleman of the United States. As we countdown to Inauguration Day, I've been doing my homework—and looking to the past for inspiration." The tweet also shared a video of of himself, talking about the honor of the position and showing him learning about the history of the unique position he now occupies at the Library of Congress.


While his more official "@SecondGentleman" account has not yet been used -- he has no tweets, and follows no one -- he has nonetheless already gathered almost half a million followers in the short time since the account went up. The account's bio currently reads, "Future Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff. Devoted dad. Proud husband to Vice President-elect Harris," and will doubtless be modified once the inauguration makes Harris' and his positions official. 

Fans online are deeply appreciative of Emhoff's humility, and how much he earnestly supports his wife Harris. "I love the confidence & openness with which @DouglasEmhoff @SecondGentleman is approaching this. What an amazingly positive example for boys & girls (and adults) everywhere," wrote one user. "I love how much he supports his wife. He is not threatened and is completely secure in knowing how badass @KamalaHarris is. All men should be taking notes, support and empower your women," wrote another. "How refreshing to see curiosity & intellectual appreciation in an administration again. I adore the delight in your face as you discover some American treasures! Thanks for taking us along on your tour of the Library of Congress. Now I wanna know where that little door leads to!" read this tweet.






Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and husband, Douglas Emhoff, embrace on stage after Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden spoke in Pittsburgh at a simultaneous drive-in election eve rally on November 2, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Many fans applaud Emhoff's ability to celebrate his wife, with one user writing, "Behind everyone successful woman is an amazing man whose ego is strong enough and healthy enough to let him celebrate HER victories. Thank you, @SecondGentleman, for showing us all how it’s done." Another writes, "I love it. A good example of how men can be actual partners who support their spouses as opposed to some old school “me man, me leader”." One tweet reads, "Just meeting Doug Emhoff remotely impresses with his decency, humility, honesty, curiosity and knowledge, along with his refreshing sense of wonder. Qualities we haven't seen in four years of darkness. Welcome, Sir! Welcome, indeed." 






Harris later shared a tweet talking up an upcoming episode of CBS Sunday, where she and her husband will sit down with the show's hosts to talk about their marraige. "@DouglasEmhoff and I sat down for our first joint television interview with @CBSSunday —and I even broke some news to him about our very first date. Tune in tomorrow at 9am ET," she wrote.