Could a K-pop Verzuz battle ever be a reality? BTS vs Exo duel would be a 'bloodbath', say fans

Following the success of the Verzuz battle between rivals Brandy and Monica, some fans wondered whether K-pop acts with their eternally-feuding fandoms could ever host something similar

                            Could a K-pop Verzuz battle ever be a reality? BTS vs Exo duel would be a 'bloodbath', say fans
Members of Exo and BTS (Getty Images)

Timbaland and Swizz Beatz's Verzuz series has risen to the top as one of the most loved music shows to hit the scene during our pandemic-stricken times since its inception back in March. Conceived as a virtual DJ battle, it has expanded to include artiste duels such as Brandy versus Monica and John Legend versus Alicia Keys, but nonetheless remains focused largely on Black artistes and talent. The most recent battle between Brandy and Monica, however, has fans wondering if the model could be replicated with other genres as well, owing largely to the duo's history of being at odds with one another as part of a long-standing feud that most believe continues to this day.

Fans have started to ruminate on the possibility of K-pop Verzuz battles and whether the acts who are often following very pristine pre-defined personas would be allowed to participate in such a laid-back, freeform style battle. And even further, whether their fandoms would be able to get through it without going to war. The conversation began thanks to one tweet that put forward the idea that a K-pop Verzuz battle would be highly unlikely. The user stated, "Now if we had a K-pop Verzuz LMAOOOO BLOODBATH," to which another responded, "The tension."





Many soon responded saying they would be quite interested in watching it. One user shared, "I would like to see it. Someone facilitate this immediately." Another stated, "I would like to see it.. Like people might start listening to other groups and appreciate them... IMAGINE.." before adding, "If the account is in private, I would like to participate?"




Fans also began sharing their suggestions for matchups. One user shared, "EXO serving a thanksgiving feast," another said, "IMAGINE GOING UP AGAINST EXO OR SHINEE NAHHHH." Both groups, hailing from SM Entertainment, are regarded highly owing to their extensive discographies that feature several chart-topping hits as well as lesser-known songs that are, generally speaking, bops. SM is regarded by most corners of the K-pop industry as being one of the labels that consistently puts out hits. As one fan stated, "Put somebody against an SM group and they already lost."






Another fan of SM artistes stated, "Girls Generation vs f(x)," two girl groups each of which once included one-half of the Jung sisters and released several hit songs each. The latter also included the late singer Sulli and is now sadly defunct, meaning this match-up is highly unlikely even if K-pop Verzuz battles did take off. Another user provided a comprehensive list of battles with artistes from different labels, stating, "Kpop versuz would be: Hyori vs BoA (or for mess, BoA vs Jessica Ho) / DBSK vs BigBang / Rain vs Se7en (and/or Wheesung) / Hyolyn vs Ailee / SES vs FinKL / HyunA vs CL / SM ent vs YGE. Not pop, but YGE vs Drunken Tiger. All over again I can't." They further added, "If you know or experienced these feuds you know..."




Several people pointed out that modern fandoms would probably derail the battle by bringing up all the stats they can find, which would ultimately be the source of the ensuing "bloodbath." One user said, "And before you know it, edgy stans be bringing up sales and views as a weak-a** attempt to rebut," while another stated, "But with 2nd gen, all stans do this day is bring charts into everything." The biggest reason Verzuz battles have been such a hit is that they have allowed artistes to share their joy of music, without the winner ever really being a focus. Moreover, viewers are the ones ultimately picking whose music and catalog they were more impressed by, regardless of sales and chart positions or even personal preference. It is, pure and simple, artistes going head-to-head and letting their music do the real talking. That, unfortunately, might not happen with a K-pop battle. As one fan stated, "Sad thing is it would not be much fun because people here take s**t too seriously and they'd be doxxing each other and s**t."






Soon, specific fandoms were being called out for engaging in this behavior, including BTS' Army and Exo's Exo-L. "BTS isnโ€™t allowed because yโ€™all Armies donโ€™t know how to act," stated one user, "Don't wanna think about BTS vs Exo," shared another before adding, "or SHINee vs Big Bang," and one, responding to the possibility of a "bloodbath" stated, "When its 'Boy With Luv' vs 'Kick It'."






But regardless of ugly feuds, some fans think it could still work as long as all fandoms agree to 'behave'. One user stated, "SNSD vs 4minute but I need everyone to revert to 2nd gen K-pop stan mindset."


So, could a K-pop edition of the Verzuz battles ever truly happen? The artistes themselves would arguably be for it, and may even thoroughly enjoy the experience. Their labels may even get behind it, seeing as it could be a new way to promote new projects. The fandoms, however, will ultimately be the ones who get to decide whether K-pop Verzuz battles ever do materialize.

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