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#ProtectNayeon trends as Twice's Nayeon gets another death threat, fans demand JYP step up K-pop star's security

Previously, a stalker from Germany named Josh attempted to approach Nayeon on a flight, later threatening to kill her if she dated anyone else. Fellow Twice member Mina has also received such threats
Nayeon  (Getty Images)
Nayeon (Getty Images)

K-pop group Twice has once again found itself at the receiving end of threats, this time targeting member Nayeon and it has prompted the group's fandom Once to demand that the band's label, JYP Entertainment, take strict action against those who would bring the girls harm.

Nayeon has previously had to deal with a relentless stalker from Germany named Josh who initially alleged he was attacked by Twice's management team when he tried to approach Nayeon while the group was on a flight from Korea from Japan. Following the incident, JYP Entertainment filed a restraining order against Josh, which they later temporarily withdrew on account of issues with its delivery.

Apart from following Nayeon, Josh also leaked her phone number online before finally returning to Germany. Despite claiming he meant no harm, even stating in an Instagram story, "I will go against everyone who is trying to make her feel uncomfortable," it is alleged that he later made violent threats towards Nayeon, including declaring via text messages he would murder her if she "dates secretly someone else while ignoring me." In a separate audio recording, a speaker alleged to be Josh is heard stating, “I would never hurt Nayeon, but if she dates secretly behind my back without talking to me about it, then of course, are you f***ing ret**ded, man? Are you f***ing completely ret**ded? This is the most normal thing to do if someone betrays you, if your true love betrays you, and she knows that you truly love her, and Nayeon knows that I truly love her, and if she would still date secretly behind my back, and she certainly knows because I talked to her during the airplane flight, then of course, what do you think..." The threats were a major impetus for the #SaveNayeonProject, with many fans rallying behind the cause hoping to ensure greater protection is put in place for Nayeon as well as her fellow members.

Nayeon (center) performs with TWICE on stage during the 8th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards on January 23, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea (Getty Images)

The previous incidents did prompt JYP Entertainment to put in protective measures to ensure Nayeon's safety, but it did not prevent further threats from being made, including the latest ones which allegedly originated from a Facebook page run by admins in Beijing, China. On July 1, a post with the phrase "Death is the key" was shared to the page, directed at Nayeon. The news of the threat has already taken the Once fandom by storm, with many fearing for Nayeon's life and demanding JYP Entertainment strengthen the protective measures in place.

While some do not take these threats seriously, others are clearly worried. "Lots of people love to defend acts like these saying "it's just a prank" like dude, do you know how bored and f*cked up u have to be to make a fan page and organize something like this? There is no excuse dude, no excuse," shared one fan, "What the hell is wrong with people? Just because she is in the public eye does not give someone free rein to say whatever they want to her or about her," stated another, one said, "I hope everyone who kept saying that her stalker "wasn't really harming her" gets f*cked. I hope people reported this page to Facebook instead of just reacting to it," and another declared, "Even if this is a joke THIS IS NOT FUNNY!" adding, "Who in the world would harm someone so lovely and sweet like her?"

Fans are also clearly upset and traumatized by the situation. One fan tweeted, "She is so precious! #ProtectNayeon #TWICE @jypnation," another said, "That is so scary. I felt scared for her just reading it. JYP better give her security 24/7 and take legal action against them," one fan shared, "Why can't you leave her alone! She has done nothing...absolutely nothing to deserve this!she's just an innocent and strong person who is achieving and dreams and making everyone happy around her!" and one stated, "Literally what did she ever do. She just wants to live out her dreams and sooner or later if this isn't stopped shes going to quit. It's not fair toward her at all," further demanding, "JYP PLEASE DO SOMETHING NAYEON IS SO AMAZING AND NEEDS HELP."

South Korean girl group TWICE attend the Seoul Music Awards on January 15, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea (Getty Images)

One fan said, "Anyone who thinks the Queen of the earth should cease to exist doesn’t deserve to breathe air on her planet. Period," another shared, "Leave her alone :-(( if JYP doesn’t do something about this I will go crazy omg," one stated, "This makes me literally sick it’s disgusting...Nayeon hasn’t done anything yet she is being targeted...this situation needs to be handled like now because if anything were to happen to her I don’t know what I would do," and another shared, "Death threats are a serious issue whether they make be fake or not. It is not a situation to be taken lightly. I hope jyp ups the security around nayeon and the other members of twice. No one should be threatened with death. Stay safe Nayeon."

Some fans have also begun making threats of their own, tweeting, "JYPE u have one day to settle this! Protect Nayeon please !! @JYPETWICE @jypnation I'm gonna find this mf on my own." One fan said, "The stalker and the admin running that sick page needs to perish. JYPE please protect Nayeon and the rest of Twice AT ALL COST!!!" while another demanded, "@jypnation @JYPETWICE DO SOMETHING AND PROTECT HER!!!!"

 Nayeon, Mina, Tzuyu of TWICE during MBC Music Channel 'Show Champion' Live Broadcast at Ilsan MBC Dream Center on June 10, 2020 in Goyang, South Korea. (Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images)

Previously, member Mina was also on the receiving end of threats that caused her to step away from the group's activities. "I'm so done with all the hate TWICE is getting lately," tweeted one fan, adding, "y'all better leave them alone I swear if another member faces something similar to what Mina had you will face the really mean side of this fandom and you know we can be REALLY BAD." Another fan further clarified, "Mina took some time off of the schedules because she suffered from anxiety during the tour to Feel Special era and had only come back a few months now," adding, "I cant handle another member going through the same thing."