K-pop heartthrob BI's drug scandal not being investigated due to lack of evidence, reveal police

The South Korean rapper and his agency YG Entertainment has been caught in a storm of controversy after screenshots surfaced of the 22-year-old trying to buy LSD

                            K-pop heartthrob BI's drug scandal not being investigated due to lack of evidence, reveal police

The police have announced that the drug case against BI was dropped as there was not enough evidence.

The rapper and his agency YG Entertainment has been under close scrutiny ever since screenshots surfaced of BI trying to buy LSD through a messaging app.

The second deputy director of Suwon's District Prosecutor's Office, Lee Soo Kwon, explained on June 18 how the investigation ran into a dead-end.

"At the time, the police only forwarded the case about 'A', who exchanged KakaoTalk messages with BI suggesting the purchase of drugs. BI was not a target of the investigation. The prosecution questioned 'A' once, but the questioning did not proceed smoothly because she kept crying. BI was not mentioned during questioning," he said, according to Allkpop.

He also added that a two-page internal investigation report including BI's name was received by the prosecutor’s office.


The police have issued a statement saying that Han Seo Hee, who BI allegedly bought drugs from, had testified that she did not deliver drugs to BI.

Following this, the allegations against him were declared invalid and the investigation was closed.

B.I from iKon (Instagram)

On June 12, BI had announced his departure from iKON after Korean local media outlet Dispatch revealed screenshots of text messages where the singer tried to buy LSD in order to “become a genius”.

He reportedly asked questions about the price and dosage that he would need to take.


Dispatch also reported that ‘Miss A’ was a trainee at YG Entertainment and had admitted to delivering the drugs to the singer.

YGE released a statement on June 17 where they said that ‘A’ was not a trainee at the agency.

BI confessed to having tried to buy drugs but said that he did not go through with it as he was scared. Following the confession, fans started a petition trying to get the singer to return to the band.

Yang Hyun-suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment, and his brother Yang Min-suk were forced to step down from their positions at the company in the face of multiple drug and prostitution scandals—BI’s case being the latest.