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K-pop fans destroy 'Impeach Biden Now' hashtag floated by Trump backers and turn it into an appreciation trend

Earlier, K-pop fans shut down the white supremacist ‘White Lives Matter’ trend during the #BlackLivesMatter movement
K-pop fans overtook the hashtag that defames President Joe Biden and turned it into a K-pop appreciation trend (Getty Images)
K-pop fans overtook the hashtag that defames President Joe Biden and turned it into a K-pop appreciation trend (Getty Images)

K-pop fans have turned out to be the unexpected superheroes of the internet once again as they destroyed a desperate attempt by Trump supporters to float an anti-Biden trend. As they tried to bring forth attention to their ‘Impeach Biden Now’ demand, just after the new president’s first full day in office, K-pop fans jumped quickly into action to change the hashtag into a K-pop appreciation trend.

The takeover of #ImpeachBidenNow

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a staunch Trump supporter who just had a month into her term in Congress, is believed to have started the trend. She tweeted about her filing of articles on the impeachment of President Biden, accusing him of abuse of power during his Vice-Presidency during the Obama regime. Greene, who is a known believer and contributor to the alt-right QAnon conspiracy theory, also filed articles on pointless claims of corruption against the Biden family.


Trump supporters are quite disgruntled now with their President not being in power anymore. They did not waste time in making the hashtag trend on Twitter. With ridiculous charges brought against Biden, a section of the Republican politicians and supporters of Trump accused Biden of ‘devastating’ economic decisions, false promises on Covid-19 control, and aggressiveness towards the media. They demanded that the new president be impeached within a day into assuming power, just as their favorite president Trump was impeached twice — a historical record by any American president. "RT if you miss President TRUMP!," tweeted Attorney counsel Jenna Ellis.


But once K-pop fans spotted the trend, they did not waste time in flooding it with K-pop appreciation posts. Americans woke up shocked to see #ImpeachBidenNow trending at the top with over 100,000 tweets. But, soon they were more amused to find out how K-pop has smoothly hijacked the alt-right stance, which is being dubbed as a pattern of ‘Trumpism after Trump’. 

K-pop fans shutting down controversial trends 

This is not the first time K-pop fans have stood out as heroes without capes for the internet against extremist and conservationist propaganda. Seven months ago, K-pop fans shut down the problematic ‘White Lives Matter’ trend — a hashtag propagated by white supremacists during the #BlackLivesMatter movement. They have also come forward with their ninja skills in hijacking trends whenever previous President Trump and his fanatic supporters would try to amplify anything controversial on social media. 

Whether you like K-pop or not, you have to give a hand to the fans for thwarting another questionable alt-right attempt. Here are a few examples of the best K-pop tweets with the trending hashtag — #ImpeachBidenNow. "K-Pop stans, shutting down yet another dumb hashtag , I salute you. #ImpeachBidenNow," wrote one user.


"Not a fan of K-Pop if I'm being honest, but I think we owe the stans and their remarkable ability to spam edits on this one. <3 #ImpeachBidenNow," another user pointed out. "#ImpeachBidenNow lmao I heard we are invading this hashtag...say less," one K-pop fan joined in. "#ImpeachBidenNow Look at these 2 beautiful vocalists," came from another K-pop fan. "I may only have 8 followers, but I see you KPop fam. Let's take over & ruin #ImpeachBidenNow Purple heart Suck it MAGA Purple heartSparklesPurple heartBorahaePurple heartSparklesPurple heart," this user hit MAGA supporters directly with another K-pop meme.