Did SuperM copy BTS' 'Dynamite' concept in 'We Do'? Truth behind wild allegations: 'Cherry Bullet did it first'

A fan quipped, 'SuperM's We Do and BTS' Dynamite... they sit together at lunch'

                            Did SuperM copy BTS' 'Dynamite' concept in 'We Do'? Truth behind wild allegations: 'Cherry Bullet did it first'
SuperM's 'We Do' vs BTS' Grammy 'Dynamite' stage (SM Entertainment/ Getty Images)

SuperM has released their new track, 'We Do', on April 9 as their collaboration with insurance company Prudential for the Prudential x SuperM “Dance for Wellness” campaign. While the funky retro pop track, 'We Do', received great responses from the fans for including a catchy hook and eye-candy choreography, some social media users pointed out that the setting of some portion of the track, especially the last scene where SuperM is seen dancing at the rooftop with fireworks on the sky resembles BTS' Grammy-nominated record-breaking 2020 hit 'Dynamite.'

Certified by fans as the new 'spring break' anthem, 'We Do' is very much steeped in the same summer energy that 'Dynamite' delivered where SuperM sings, "Come on now everyone (Let’s all) / Run around in the sun (Let’s all) / Ride the vibe, side to side / Now we’re having fun (Let’s have some fun)!”  


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SuperM in 'We Do' (SM Entertainment YouTube)

Is 'We Do' copied form BTS' 'Dynamite' stage?

'We Do' was accused by Army of being a copy of BTS' Grammy 'Dynamite' stage. A fan said, "not them copying the stages??" while another said, "Superm's new song just show us the level of obsession Lee Sooman has on BTS..." A user opined, "im absolutely unsurprised superm had a disco/fun concept after the global success of dynamite. lsm is always just after money and he wants to try and recreate that success in SM. its not that deep and it doesnt take away from bts's successes."

But the claims of SuperM copying BTS stages were debunked by a lot of users who went ahead and posted references of almost identical stages from the previous years where popular artistes including Weeknd, Cherry Bullet and more have used very similar settings. A user wrote, "i don't get it why some armys are accusing superm 'we do' mv that they copied the concept of bts because of the fireworks? y'll are ridiculous. bts didn't invented it, some kpop groups did it first and about the rooftop thingy? snsd 'genie' had done it 9 years ago in music core!"





SuperM's new retro pop 'We Do' MV (SM Entertainment)

'They sit together at lunch"

Speaking of Cherry Bullet's iconic stage where the girl group performed on the rooftop with fireworks, a user noted, "Cherry Bullet did it first. So did BigHit copy them. Yes I mentioned BigHit because i'm not like others that will drag SuperM and BTS for what their company does." A fan shared, "SuperM was filmed in February 2021 Bts was filmed in Mars 2021 Also : 1. Cherry Bullet, 2019 2. SNSD, 2009 3. The Weeknd, august 2020 Arent you tired to pretend you’re superior or shit like that ?" Another fan brought facts sharing, "Genuine question, how did SuperM copy BTS Grammy Stage??? The mv must have been filmed early February or before being that Lucas flew to Beijing on February 26 and was in quarantine till March 19... and the Grammy took place on March 14." While some fans of both group were in a fan war, others found both the concepts unique enough to have its own places. A fan quipped, "SuperM's We Do and BTS' Dynamite... they sit together at lunch."





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