Justin Hendrix: Alabama man gunned down after church 'knew he was going to die', says devastated mother

Justin Hendrix: Alabama man gunned down after church 'knew he was going to die', says devastated mother
The gunman fled from the scene in his black SUV but a picture of him standing right outside his vehicle was released (Homewood PD)

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA: A man was gunned down at an ATM in Homewood, Birmingham on September 11, minutes after he left the church. The victim identified as Justin Hendrix was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was later pronounced dead on the scene by the cops who were dispatched to the location. Justin Hendrix’s mother Marcella Stevenson while speaking to AL.com revealed that Hendrix probably knew that he was going to die.
According to the publication, the 35-year-old Justin Hendrix was fondly known as Jelly Bug. He had been in and out of prison over the past 15 years but he seemed to be religious after getting released from prison two months ago.  In the latest update, the mother said she wanted retaliation killings to stop after her son got killed outside Homewood ATM. According to WBRC, she said, “I don’t want the next mother to have to go through what I’m going through because of what her child did to someone else’s child. I want them to just stop killing.”
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‘I think he knew he was going to die’

According to Sgt John Carr, the incident happened at 12.43 pm at the Wells Fargo Bank at 325 West Valley Avenue. The attack took place at the stand-alone ATM at Wells Fargo on West Valley Avenue in Homewood. Hendrix’s mother assumed that her son might have stopped by the ATM to get cash since he had work the following day and had to be there early.
Speaking on her son’s death Hendrix’s mother asserted, “He had just said to my nephew going into church that morning that death is the ultimate surprise- you never know when you’re going to die.” Marcella Stevenson further shared, “I think he knew he was going to die. He felt like he was going to die and the only way they were going to get him was when he was coming from church.”
According to the publication, a picture of the gunman standing right outside a black vehicle was released by Homewood PD. The cops marked at least 10 shell casings in the bank parking lot, which is right across the street from Homewood Police Department headquarters. The gunman fled from the scene in his black SUV. Whereas, the victim’s vehicle is being examined by investigators and remains in the parking lot.

‘This appears to be a targeted attack’

Sgt John Carr at the time of the incident said, “This appears to be a targeted attack and there is no immediate risk to the general public.” Carr revealed that the ambush-style attack was captured on video. The horrific video showed a 2013 Volvo XC90 pulling up behind Hendrix. A masked suspect then exits the passenger side of the vehicle and opens fire on Hendrix.

Speaking of her son, Marcella Stevenson stated, “As he got older, he got wiser. He wanted to get his life together and take care of his kids.” She added, “I told him if he was ever killed out there doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing, I was going to cremate him the next day,” further sharing, “I was that mom that called the police when he wasn’t in the right, or telling the police, ‘I’ll help you find him.’ I don’t play.” She also said, “I had been telling people somebody was going to die. I just thought and prayed about all the stories you do about the mamas, the family out there crying so I didn’t go to the crime scene. I just didn’t want to.”

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