Justin Chambers exits 'Grey's Anatomy', heartbroken fans ask Shonda Rhimes for a 'proper explanation'

Alex Karev's last episode aired on November 14 last year, and fans can't believe that it was the last time they'd see him on the show

                            Justin Chambers exits 'Grey's Anatomy', heartbroken fans ask Shonda Rhimes for a 'proper explanation'
Justin Chambers (ABC)

Justin Chambers won't be a part of 'Grey's Anatomy' anymore. If that wasn't heartbreaking in itself, did you know that his last episode as Alex Karev already aired, and fans didn't have a clue back then?

ABC's longest-running medical series has lost another one of its original cast members and it's time for many hearts to be shattered yet again.

No sooner did the news hit social media, fans were already expressing their disappointment, with many wondering why he is not getting a proper goodbye. "I can't believe we aren't getting a proper goodbye for Alex Karev. Like, what is Shonda doing? His character development through all the seasons can't be topped. I'm not okay," one tweet read and another said, "Someone give Alex Karev the send-off he deserves."

"If Alex Karev dies, I’m making an extra appointment with my therapist. #GreysAnatomy," one woeful fan wrote, and another said, "So Alex is leaving too? After 16 seasons. George, Stevens, Christina, Derek, Burke, Lexie, Sloan, April, Arizona...and now Alex Karev... This is shocking &hard to bear. Greys Anatomy is more than Tv series to me. Indeed, people always leave. Omg! I'm sad!"

Justin Chambers as Alex Karev in 'Grey's Anatomy'. (ABC)

People are also discussing how his character development was one of the "greatest" on the show. "Let's be real, Alex Karev had one of the best character development on the show," one fan wrote and another said, "I love Alex Karev. This is definitely the best character development of the whole show. Thanks for your great acting, Justin Chambers. Nothing will be the same without your love and talent."

Many others are simply cross as there seems to be no reason or rhyme for his exit. "@shondarhimes, I feel like we deserve an explanation, #AlexKarev," one fan wrote. Another said, "Why has none of the #GreysAnatomy cast or social pages said anything about Alex leaving? I’m so angry+upset, they just need to end this show cause greys legacy is getting worse and more fans are getting upset with each exit... also Jolex better still be endgame."

Until we wait for a real explanation from the showrunners, the next episode titled 'Help Me Through the Night' after the winter break drops on January 23, 2020. 

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