Justin Bieber shaves his head after vowing to grow his hair 'down to my toes'

Justin's fans have had a love/hate relationship with his hairstyle, which has seen some drastic styling over the years

                            Justin Bieber shaves his head after vowing to grow his hair 'down to my toes'
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Justin Bieber has a whole new hairdo and took to his Instagram stories to debut his shaved head on Tuesday. His new hairdo comes shortly after he vowed that he would never cut his hair and let it grow "down to my toes."

In the month of May, Justin was seen shaking his long blonde hair back and forth at the camera in a video clip that was posted to Instagram. He captioned the video, "Long hair don’t care and my stash is gorgeous". In a following selfie, he shared with his fans and viewers just how much he has let his hair grow out and also revealed that he would like to increase the length of his hair. "I’m going to grow my hair down to my toes," he wrote on the picture. 

Bieber had been sporting his long hair for quite a while and was frequently seen using bandanas, sweatbands or hats to keep his hair out of his face.

It is possible that the 'What Do You Mean' singer was inspired by one of his BFFs, Post Malone, who also made a drastic change to his appearance.

Bieber posted a photo of the two sitting at a piano and captioned it, "So proud of you my brother. Love you Posty would do anything for you". 

Justin's haircut follows another hair trim that he had along with his wife Hailey Baldwin. The couple was spotted together at a go-to Cutler Salon in New York City, where Justin sat in a chair getting his blonde locks trimmed, while his 21-year-old wife sat gazing at him and smiling. 

About a month and a half have passed since Bieber and Baldwin secretly got married in New York. 

Justin and Hailey were recently spotted at a family vacation in Florida where Bieber's three younger sisters and brother were also present. They were seen visiting Disney World as well as Universal Studios where they were seen heading through the Halloween event, Haunted Nights. The celebrity couple was also accompanied by a bodyguard as they went around the theme park. 

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin (Source: Getty Images)

In 2016, Bieber had shaved his head after sporting dreadlocks, a look which many of his fans did not really like. Bieber called out his fans who disliked his hairstyle in a video clip shared on Instagram where he wrote, "Being weird is fun’ if you r not weird I don’t like you".

Bieber also added, "Yeah some girl came up to me, she was like, ‘I love you Justin, but that’s like my least favorite hairstyle of yours'" as he imitated a fan.