Justin Bieber is looking for distractions and is 'doing everything he can' to keep his mind off Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber is trying to keep his mind away from thinking about his ex Selena Gomez and the other girls he meets are 'just distractions' to keep his mind off her.

                            Justin Bieber is looking for distractions and is 'doing everything he can' to keep his mind off Selena Gomez
Singers Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber (Source : Getty images)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez decided to split, again but this time, Justin is finding it harder than usual to wrap his head around the idea that they are not together anymore. The singer has been going on hikes, playing soccer, going on impromptu swimming adventures and it so happens that Selena is the reason for this. 

A source close to the pair told Hollywood Life that Justin is trying to keep his mind away from Selena and to make that happen, he is “doing everything he can.” According to the source, Justin is really "heartbroken and so he is trying hard not to think about being apart from the love of his life. It seems like the breakup has hit him hard. He is working out like crazy, praying and talking to his guy friends constantly. He is doing whatever he can so not to obsess over how much he misses Selena," the source added. 

Recently, there were rumors that Justin has moved on with another woman after pictures of him hanging out with Baskin Champion surfaced but the source says that the girls in Justin's life are just distractions in order to stop himself from thinking about Selena. 

“It is a hard time for him,” the source said. “He is trying not to be bitter or disappointed that they are not together, but it’s challenging for him not to think about her all the time. He misses her and it hurts not to be with her. Sometimes he even chats and texts with other pretty girls, but they are just distractions."

"He has learned quickly that Selena is irreplaceable and what he really needs is to be back with her.” Justin and Selena rekindled their romance after the singer heard about Selena's kidney transplant. This incident happened to be the one that got them closer but as times went on, the pair was unable to keep their relationship away from fights. It was reported that they were even going to Christian therapy to make sure that this time around, things are different. 

Unfortunately, things did not work out again. However, some believe that Justin and Selena may have plans of getting back together and their split is a temporary one. Sources suggested that the two love and care about each other a lot and can't stay apart for long.