'ONE WEEK': Justin Bieber’s cryptic post sends Internet into frenzy, Beliebers try to decipher meaning behind it

'ONE WEEK': Justin Bieber’s cryptic post sends Internet into frenzy, Beliebers try to decipher meaning behind it
Justin Bieber (Getty Images)

When you are one of the biggest pop stars in the world, even saying a word becomes global news and the same happened when Justin Bieber managed to create a storm on the Internet with his most recent mysterious tweet. The 26-year-old pop star took to his Twitter account and wrote, “ONE WEEK” with no explanation whatsoever.


This two-word tweet freaked out the Beliebers and they started trying to decipher the cryptic tweet. The mystery further deepened when Bieber’s manager re-tweeted his post with a caption, “#newerabegins???”


Within a few hours, the tweet got more than 23K retweets and close to 150K likes. In order to further tease his fans, the Canadian singer-songwriter also posted two different photos of his on Instagram and captioned it as, “One Week.”

Beliebers then took to Twitter to solve the mystery and came up with their own versions of what exactly Justin Bieber is up to. One fan tweeted, “did changes really tank that hard so you have to start another era immediately?” One social media user said, “One week to your divorce with @haileybieber  lol or one week to another trash album.... Or one week to buy another home.”



Another user stated, “we are still on a pandemic and you decide to make it worse? just like that? you can keep whatever you have.” One fan said, “I'll be waiting for I'll be waiting for you ONE WEEK.” One ardent fan posted, “Justin Bieber is not just an artist, he's a legend, he's a lifestyle, he's the air i breathe, i can be his toilet paper, i can be his maid, i'll cook for him, i’ll clean for him, i'll lick his shoes with my tongue. ONE WEEK” 




Whatever the mystery is, it will be out in open in a week’s time until then we can only wait and watch.

On the work front, the ‘What Do You Mean’ hitmaker was recently spotted in Drake’s music video for the song ‘POPSTAR.’ The American pop icon had dropped his last album ‘Changes’ in February 2020 and it is being anticipated that his new album might hit the Internet very soon. However, nothing official has been announced for the same. 

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