Justin Bieber hailed as a hero after he punches man accused of grabbing a woman by the throat at Coachella

Justin Bieber saved the day as he rescued a woman who was getting attacked by a man as he tried to grab her by the throat.

                            Justin Bieber hailed as a hero after he punches man accused of grabbing a woman by the throat at Coachella
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Justin Bieber made us believe that not all heroes wear a cape. The singer defended a woman who was being assaulted by a man at a Coachella party by punching him in the face, according to TMZ. The website reports that the incident took place when Justin attended a Coachella party on Saturday, April 14. 

Justin reportedly punched a man during a Coachella party (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella)

During the party, Justin was busy talking to the guests when a man walked in, spotted a woman and "went ballistic". Sources who had been present at the event say that it was possible that the girl had been his ex-lover and reflecting at how the man looked, people present there assumed that he had been on drugs. It is during this encounter that the man suddenly grabbed the woman by her throat and refused to let her go. 

The website then says that Justin and his friends saw what was happening and screamed at the guy while demanding him to release the girl. This just made matters worse as the guy shouted back at the 'Sorry' singer and told Justin "Go f*** yourself" while strengthening his grip. 

Unable to control his anger, Justin reacted at the moment and reportedly punched the guy in his face while pushing him against the wall. Luckily for the lady, she was able to break free without any injuries. The website further reported that the guy was thrown out of the party shortly after the incident took place. 

After this incident, the guy was reportedly seen chasing an SUV thinking that Justin was inside. It is claimed that the guy was screaming Justin's name as he ran behind the vehicle. Soon after this, the cops arrived at the event and the guy was arrested. Earlier in the day, Justin was seen enjoying the music festival with his friends and was seen hanging out in the VIP area.

With regard to the incident, the La Quinta Police Department told People “investigating officers responded to the residence where the alleged battery occurred but was unable to locate any witnesses or evidence of a battery.” Additionally, the woman “declined to press charges for the alleged battery and had no visible injuries at the time of police contact,” police said.