Mother stole painkillers from terminally ill daughter to feed her opioid addiction: Police

46-year-old Carol Ballweg has been charged with six counts of abuse and theft after she stole terminally ill daughter's fentanyl and oxycodone

                            Mother stole painkillers from terminally ill daughter to feed her opioid addiction: Police

A mother from Missouri was arrested for stealing pain medication from her terminally sick daughter and using them to fuel her opioid addiction. The daughter was prescribed fentanyl and oxycodone to ease her pain. The shocking discovery was made after the doctors spotted bed sores on the girl and decided to screen the girl's urine. They could find no trace of the drugs.

46-year-old Carol Ballweg was the main caregiver for her 20-year-old daughter who is only known as 'CM', according to New York Post. Carol had to give her daughter fentanyl and oxycodone for pain, the Troy Missouri Police said in a statement.

The authorities got involved when the staff at Troy Family Practice called the local police in order to report "concerns of neglect and drug abuse related to a patient". 


The staff had made many calls about the 20-year-old's condition and had also expressed their concerns and doubts about the fact that Carol had repeatedly asked for the medications to be filled earlier than what was needed. CM's home health provider was also concerned and had also raised an alarm. 

The doctors made the decision to screen CM's urine and were shocked to find no traces of the prescribed drugs which prompted them to no longer have to fill out her prescriptions, the police shared.

While the junkie mother was busy popping her daughter's medicine, the daughter was developing bed sores which can get life-threatening. 

The police obtained a search warrant for Ballweg's home and she soon admitted to having an opioid addiction and taking the drugs for herself. According to the police, she was charged with four counts of stealing a controlled substance and two counts of abusing a disabled or vulnerable person. 

The woman's bond was set at a $100,000. A judge also ordered her to cut off all contact with her daughter.