Ellen DeGeneres gives Julia Roberts a huge fake Kardashian cleavage as a tip to help increase her social media followers

On being told that she had only 3 million followers Julia Roberts asked Ellen if she would have to post a nude to gain more and the talk show host replied, 'Well, ultimately, yes'.

                            Ellen DeGeneres gives Julia Roberts a huge fake Kardashian cleavage as a tip to help increase her social media followers

Julia Roberts, currently, is the newest celebrity entrant to the Instagram world and recently when she made her appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' show Roberts got a little help from the host to increase her followers on her social media account. "I noticed you have 3million followers... I have 60million," the host joked claiming that Roberts might have to try out some new tactics to get more followers. "Do I have to post a nude?” the actress asked. "Well, ultimately, yes,” DeGeneres responded. 




Revealing that "The Kardashians are very popular," DeGeneres signaled her team and they brought out a huge plastic fake cleavage that had a pink bikini top on top of it to tie around Roberts’ neck. Following that she then wrapped a sheer beach top to complete the funny look for the Pretty Woman actress. 

Noticing her outfit Roberts blushed saying, "I guess I’m supposed to want followers, but right now, I’m not sure." Once she is done being turned into a 'Kardashian', DeGeneres said the next step was food. And this time Roberts got a pie and it was delivered to her by Martha Stewart. “I’m so embarrassed!” Roberts said as she tried to cover up her cleavage. "I have the strange feeling that I’m losing followers as I stand here.”


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5 reasons to follow @JuliaRoberts. 1. Tropical Paradise, 2. Shows a lot of skin, 3. Food, 4. Reunions, 5. Selfies

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Following the cleavage and the pie, DeGeneres said the next step was a throwback picture. And a cute schoolgirl picture was given to Roberts to hold. Assuming that it is all she has left, Roberts had no idea she was up for a bigger surprise next. Roberts got red as a tomato when DeGeneres called out Roberts' 'Homecoming' and 'My Best Friend’s Wedding' co-star, Dermot Mulroney, who tried to give her a hug and a kiss while avoiding the cleavage. “Oh, how the mighty have fallen!” Roberts joked. 


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#FBF Faux Boob Friday 🤷‍♀️ @theellenshow

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After helping Roberts with ideas to improve her followers, DeGeneres shared an even better throwback picture of Roberts while she was working at ShowBiz Pizza, where she used dress as a bear and give out birthday cakes.