Julia Roberts slammed as 'diva', rude' and 'possessive' by own sister-in-law

Jyl Moder, Julia Roberts' sister-in-law, mentioned in her rehab diary that the actress is to be held responsible for her brother's broken marriage.

                            Julia Roberts slammed as 'diva', rude' and 'possessive' by own sister-in-law
Julia Roberts (Source:Getty Images)

Julia Roberts has been accused by her sister-in-law Jyl Moder, for being responsible for the break up of Danny Moder's first marriage 16 years back. The allegations imprinted in the 52-year-old costume designer's rehab diary paints a rather dark picture of the 'Pretty Woman' actress. At one point Jyl mentions about Roberts saying she "broke up a marriage, treated me and still treats me like s**t."

Jyl Moder kept these diaries as a part of a "sobriety process" at the rehab center, which Julia and her husband Danny Moder paid for, of course. The luxury facility cost them $500 a day. Jyl's confessions reflected her deep-grown disgust towards the actress as she also accused her of all that has gone wrong with the family. Patients at the rehab center have reportedly claimed that the 52-year-old is obsessed with the couple. Jyl, who was very close to her brother's former wife, Vera Steimberg, wrote: "Diva, rude, so possessive of Danny, horrible to my father, accused me of selling stories, divided our family in the middle, condescending in front of the family." Radar has a copy of the diaries. 

However, probably Jyl hasn't got it all wrong. Controversies have always hovered over the couple ever since they first started dating in 2001; Danny was already married to his first wife and make-up artist Vera Steimberg. Back in 2002, there were several rumors that Julia offered Vera, $10,000 to leave Danny. Apparently. Vera was not ready to step down from her already broken marriage without putting up a fight, and soon Julia went public with her views on Vera; she was spotted wearing a homemade t-shirt which had "A Low Vera" printed on it.

It was assumed to be a "diva-esque" public message to her lover's then-wife, according to Mirror. However, over the years Julia and Danny only grew stronger as a couple, and are now parents to three children- the 12-year-old twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus (Finn), and a 10-year-old son, Henry.

Jyl Moder always had a troubled past. Despite her brother's successful relationship with Julia Roberts, she never appeared to be on good terms with the couple, especially Julia. In 2015, Jyl was reportedly arrested with a charge for domestic violence after she beat up her boyfriend at a bar. Although the charges had been allegedly dropped, Jyl resorted to Facebook to maintain her innocence regarding the "misunderstanding" which she deemed "mortifying." She wrote: "If you did not hear, I got arrested...had an argument with, my guy and I went to jail. Indio...". She indirectly hinted that being related to a celebrity bloated the incident as it came under everyone's notice. 

She wrote: "Because I am related to a celebrity, it got out everywhere...I am not a violent person. People that knew me would say the same. I am embarrassed and mortified. I feel I have to defend myself...There was no bar fight, I am just trying to set the record straight. I know in my Heart and Soul I am a good person. God Bless!!!" Reportedly, Jyl also blames Julia for the death of her mother Patti, who died of heart attack in 2011. 

In spite of the controversies, Julia and Danny are still going strong. (Getty Images)