Julia Lemus: Andy Ruiz's ex, who got restraining order against him, claims he raped and abused her

Julia Lemus: Andy Ruiz's ex, who got restraining order against him, claims he raped and abused her
Andy Ruiz has denied all allegations from Julia Lemus (@jjuulliieea/Instagram)

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA: Andy Ruiz is facing rape allegations from his ex-girlfriend Julia Lemus who claims that she is a victim of domestic violence. Earlier on April 6, she got a restraining order against him, alleging Ruiz of "sexually, physically, and psychologically abusing" her. In her court filing, she described their relationship, "He made me feel like I had to walk on eggshells around him.”

The former couple who shares two children were also ‘abused physically and emotionally’ as per Lemus. The pair were together for seven years, from 2015 to 2022. She further alleges Ruiz of both alcohol and drug abuse, which apparently turned her having to "fear for my life and safety and the lives and safety of my children". Lemus mentions one incident from 2019, somewhere after Ruiz won the heavyweight title after defeating Anthony Joshua, reports Marca.


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'proceeded to point an AK-47 at my face'

"He began grabbing me by my upper arms and physically yanking me in order to move me wherever he wanted me to go." He even punched her ‘jokingly,’ but it was no joke as her arms and legs were left bruised. Lemus also shared the photos in her filing. In her court documents, she states that Ruiz had bought several guns in Las Vegas, and as she showed them to her, he “proceeded to point an AK-47 at my face" and that he "told me to 'shut the f*** up'".

The sexual assaults began in February 2023, when Ruiz forced himself upon her at least six times. The 33-year-old sportsman has denied all allegations, and in a court filing as a response, it states, he "categorically denies that he ever has abused Julia Lemus or his children."



'willing to shoot with an actual gun or bazooka'

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 Julia Lemus: Andy Ruiz's ex, who got restraining order against him, claims he raped her