Julia Fox is a 'die-hard' Kim Kardashian fan as Kanye's emotional threesome gets more bizarre

Julia Fox gossiped about Kanye-Kim divorce and her romance with Pete Davidson long before she started seeing Kanye

                            Julia Fox is a 'die-hard' Kim Kardashian fan as Kanye's emotional threesome gets more bizarre
Julia Fox (L) has been found to be an 'OG Kim Kardashian stan' (Photos by Victor Boyko, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Actress Julia Fox's connection with Kim Kardashian seems to be never-ending as it has now been found that she is a 'die-hard' fan of the reality star. Fox, who is presently dating Kim's estranged husband Kanye West, had admitted her obsession with the SKIMS founder in past interviews and podcasts. In fact, Fox had been an 'OG Kim Kardashian stan' who regularly shared her Instagram stories and often discussed updates in Kim's life. "It's like you are happy for them when something good happens to them," Julia Fox had once remarked about the Kardashians. 

Fox shocked many after one of her Barbie-themed photoshoots with Pete Davidson resurfaced recently, days after her date night with Kanye. Davidson, who is currently romancing Kim Kardashian, had starred in a weird photoshoot for Paper Magazine in 2019, where he played the role of Ken and Julia Fox dressed up as Barbie. The photos generated a lot of interest online as netizens started fielding conspiracy theories around the bizarre Kim Kardashian-Pete Davidson-Kanye-Julia Fox romance scene. 


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Barely weeks ago, rapper Ye vowed to reunite with his estranged wife and mother of four kids Kim Kardashian and even bought a house in her neighborhood. Perhaps this is why fans are all the more confused about his sudden passionate fling with 'Uncut James' actress Julia Fox. In fact, steamy photos of the pair making out in front of the cameras have been published by leading magazines, as Fox branded their newfound romance as a 'dream come true'. 

Meanwhile, internet theorists have questioned Kanye's real feelings for Julia Fox and whether it is all a publicity sham for him to get Kim's attention. The rumors strengthened after Kanye gifted Fox a hotel suite full of clothes and gave her a stunning makeover, which, awkwardly enough resembled Kim K's stylebook. Many even fielded the idea of whether Ye is trying to turn Fox into a Kim K clone. 

In a 2021 recap episode of Julia Fox's 'Forbidden Fruits' podcast, she discusses at length Kim Kardashian with co-host Niki Takesh. The episode released around the time of Kim and Kanye's divorce, and Fox notably said, "Can we talk about the Kim and Kanye divorce? Wait, can we talk about Kim and Pete Davidson, though?" She went on to reveal her inherent love for 'Keeping Up with The Kardashians', a show she religiously watched since it started in 2007.

Fox even said she found her obsession with KUWTK 'embarrassing' but that she missed the show after it ended. A friend of Fox also secretly revealed that Fox and her squad had diligently looked up to Kim and the Kardashian clan's popularity for years. "Julia Fox is doper than Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West combined. She's a legitimate sorceress," the friend revealed, after it was discovered how regularly Julia reposted Kim K's Instagram stories. 

Given the latest revelation about Julia Fox's Kim K obsession, it does not seem unlikely that Fox would want to replicate Kim's fashion game. Meanwhile, Kim appears to be having a great time in the Bahamas with rumored beau Pete Davidson, away from all the Ye-Fox drama.