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Juicy J roasted for turning Americans against Covid-19 vaccine, Internet says he's on 'every drug known to man'

The 45-year-old rapper got roasted as users reminded him of how he has been using prescription drugs throughout his career
UPDATED MAR 27, 2021
Juicy J (Getty Images)
Juicy J (Getty Images)

President Joe Biden recently announced that Covid-19 vaccines will be available to all American citizens within weeks but looks like Oscar-winning rapper and producer Juicy J is not on board. The Houston hip-hop legend recently took to Twitter sharing his take on the vaccine where he advised people not to opt for it.

The 45-year-old rapper soon got roasted on the Internet where many reminded him of how he has been using prescription drugs throughout his career. A lot of social media users also shared Juicy J’s lyrics from his earlier songs on drugs and clowned him for not going for the vaccine. The Three 6 Mafia star then deleted his tweet after facing the heat from netizens.
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‘If I was you, I wouldn't get vaccinated’

Juicy J seemed pretty clear about his choices for not opting for the vaccine. The ‘It's Hard out Here for a Pimp’ hitmaker before deleting his tweet had written, “If I was you, I wouldn't get vaccinated I would wear a mask & take vitamins”, reports XXL magazine. Juicy J during an interview with Forbes last year had revealed that he contracted the coronavirus and also dubbed the vaccine as “mark of the beast.”

When it comes to opposing the vaccine, rapper Juicy J is not the only one who has been critical of the same but other public figures like ‘Black Panther' star Letitia Wright, Jessica Biel, reality TV star Kristin Cavallari, and Jim Carrey among a few others have mutual feelings towards the Covid-19 vaccine.


‘People like Juicy J will take molly or ecstasy but “do not trust” a COVID vaccine’

After triggering a debate with his now-deleted tweet, Juicy J got dragged on the Internet for his not-so-acceptable remarks on the vaccine. Speaking on the same lines, one user posted. “Juicy J has probably taken every drug known to man but the vaccine is where he draws the line lmaooooo.” Another stated, “I think it's rich that Juicy J trusted drug companies for decades for various prescription opioids of choice but vaccines is where he put his foot down.”

The next one shared, “People like Juicy J will take molly or ecstasy but “do not trust” a COVID vaccine.” One user recalled the rapper’s lyrics from a song and tweeted, “Juicy J once said “Ima f**k this bi**h raw I’m about to roll the dice” STDs & accident babies are cool but he draws the line at the vaccine. Still a legend tho.” Another added, “I won’t really ever judge a Black person for not taking a vaccine for anything in America. But when you got a track record of saying shit as wild as Juicy J does I’m gonna have jokes.” One user asserted, “Juicy j would only get the vaccine if he got high off of it.” Echoing similar sentiments, one individual concluded, “Juicy J once told everyone to dip that blunt in some lean but when it comes to the vaccine, he’s like hell nah.”