JTBC 'Playground': Release date, how to stream and all about Lunar New Year show featuring Big Hit's TXT and Enhypen


                            JTBC 'Playground': Release date, how to stream and all about Lunar New Year show featuring Big Hit's TXT and Enhypen
TXT and Enhypen will feature in a special variety show for Lunar New Year, titled 'Playground' and airing on JTBC 2 (Getty Images)

Big Hit Entertainment's rookie group Enhypen and popular K-pop boy band Tomorrow X Together aka TXT will feature in a special and new variety TV show ‘Playground’, which will air on JTBC for two consecutive days, celebrating Lunar New Year 2021. Music fans of both the boy bands are excited as it means more interactions between the two much-loved K-pop groups.

According to Newsen’s report, both the groups will be participating in a number of traditional Korean games where they will be competing against each other. TXT is the senior K-pop group here and Enhypen are the junior ones but the report says, both group shows equal determination to win the game show as they compete head to head for two days straight. From date, time, where to watch, here are all the updates.


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TXT and Ehypen will have their own special variety show (JTBC 2)


Release date

‘Playground’ will be aired on JTBC2 on February 11 and 12 at 8 am KST. The show will also have a repeat telecast on JTBC4 on February 14, starting at 10 am KST.



The variety show will continue for two days and in both days, TXT members will be participating in traditional Korean games like Yut with the rookie group Enhypen. The first round which is called the warm-up round comes with a set of advantages and winning that will be really beneficial for the next rounds. Eben though TXT members are technically seniors, the age gap between the two gaps is very less and this will only increase their bond, fans believe.

TXT and Enhypen to play 'yut', a traditional Korean game  (JTBC 2)

How to live stream/ Where to watch?

‘Playground’ will be aired on JTBC 2. For fans outside Korea, keep an eye on JTBC2 site and Weverse to check more about the variety show updates.

Fan reactions

Even though Enhypen has only debuted in 2020, the Big Hit rookie group has already gained a large fan following, coupled with TXT’s MOA fandom, the internet has been buzzing with the anticipation of the show. A fan said, “ENHYPEN & TXT TOGETHER IM CRYING!” Another decoded the picture according to colour co-ordinated outfits and stated, “the teams according to the color coding:
- sunoo, heeseung, yeonjun and niki
- hyuka, soobin, jake, and sunghoon
- jungwon, jay, taehyun and beomgyu. I FEEL LIKE THEIR FIRST MEETING WILL BE A BIT AWKWARD BUT THEN, YEONJUN AS THE ELDEST AMONG ALL OF THEM WILL BREAK THE ICE!” A fan shared, “wait,, the fact that both yeonjun and heeseung wear the neon green.. they're in the same team !! legendary and ace <33”




Prior to the show, check more of TXT and Enhypen's music here.



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