Joyner Lucas and Logic collaborate for new video 'ISIS', fans rejoice the end of feud between the rappers

Joyner Lucas and Logic collaborate for new video 'ISIS', fans rejoice the end of feud between the rappers

Rappers Joyner Lucas and Logic who have been throwing shade at each other on social media and otherwise, ended their feud to collaborate on new video titled 'ISIS'. Lucas announced a new video on May 22 and kept the name of the collaborator a secret until Thursday when he released the song.

The announcement initially had fans guessing who would be the mystery artiste to be featured on the video and many had wondered if it could be Eminen, but no one came close to the truth. For fans of both Lucas and Logic, this video is a huge deal because it marks the end of a feud that began in 2017 with his single "Mask On" in which he did a studio diss directly aimed at his "Sriracha" collaborator. 

Since then, the two have each taken turns to show shade, diss each other on social media and through songs but all of that has now come to an end with 'ISIS'. The video itself sees Lucas as a soldier who is ready to take a shot at an ISIS member, until the man behind the black veil is revealed to be Logic, who addresses their beef as he questioned the definition of the word beef. Logic rapped, "What is beef? Beef is when you murder moth********* on a beat, kill em all, kill em all." 


As soon as the video dropped, fans took to social media to share their excitement and surprise with this unexpected feature.  Here are a few reactions:

"My guy... @JoynerLucas and @Logic301 cooked the “ISIS” (ADHD) joint my 🗣slow downnn ya killin em #FireHydrant #Logic #joynerLucas #Blacktwitter #hiphop," said @ToyaBK79 on Twitter.  @kevinkosina7 shared, "Joyner and Logic collab? beef is over. Wooohoo."

Some fans couldn't believe that this really did happen. @SageZemz tweeted, " the beef really over? Am I dreaming? Logic and Joyner Lucas collaberation! Hear it for yourself! #ADHD #JoynerLucas #logic @JoynerLucas. [sic]"

"Broo this song is sooo fire!!! #WhatsBeef? #Logic x #JoynerLucas #Isis #RoyceDa59 #BARS," wrote @TheCobraMT

The first studio diss by Lucas aimed at Logic was a verse in 'Mask on' that went, "And don't you compare me to Logic (never)/Go listen to Sriracha/Yeah, that's Amanda to Ronda/And that's a Benz to a Honda/Yeah, that's a dance with the devil/And I ain't dancing behind ya."

Following this, the rapper had also alleged that Logic ripped off the title of his first international top 10 single as a lead artist. If Lucas used 'Mask on', Logic came up with 'Yuck' on his sixth mixtape Bobby Tarantino II in which he threw shades at Lucas, but with dropping names. 

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