Are Joyner Lucas and Ashanti dating? Duo's tender kisses in 'Fall Slowly' music video has fans convinced

Although their characters in the music video are also seen going through the different stages of a volatile relationship, there's definitely some evident chemistry between the two artists

                            Are Joyner Lucas and Ashanti dating? Duo's tender kisses in 'Fall Slowly' music video has fans convinced
Joyner Lucas and Ashanti (Getty Images)

Joyner Lucas and Ashanti are both recognized names in the hip-hop and R&B worlds, but their latest collaborative bop has their followers talking about more than just their singing performances. In the duo's recent music video, 'Fall Slowly', which serves as the lead single for Lucas's upcoming EP 'Evolution', the singers portray a couple's volatile relationship with such intensity and authenticity, that fans are convinced they might actually be dating in real life.

The song is a catchy and dreamy number about two on-again, off-again lovers who keep finding their way back to each other and it is already trending worldwide on YouTube with close to half a million views. You can check it out here below.


In the course of the video, the duo are seen portraying a lovestruck couple who go through the different stages of a volatile relationship, from cuddling and getting drunk together to arguing in public and actually coming to physical blows at one point. This might be all par for the course when it comes to depicting an infatuated yet explosive pair of lovers in a fictional setting, but what really has viewers intrigued is the fact that Lucas and Ashanti are seen sharing tender onscreen kisses on multiple occasions. And these aren't just old fashioned pecks on the lips, we're talking about full-blown French kisses that make it seem like the couple is oblivious to the camera during these steamy scenes. There's definitely some palpable chemistry going on here and the lyrics of the song appear to make the subtext of their relationship all the more explicit. Ashanti had famously dated the rapper Nelly for about 10 years before they called it quits and Lucas has also split up with his partner Carmen Ayala, so it's clear that both artists are still active in the dating game.

Joyner Lucas and Ashanti (Orchard Music)

In the song, Lucas admits "I love you more than I love myself / If I weren't with you I can't picture me with someone else." He goes on to admit the incredible intensity of his relationship by saying "And if you ever left me for someone, you gon' get someone killed / You know the vibes we on, be like some movie s**t /  And we don't always get along, but when we do we lit / I never understood love or what it truly is, until I met you." Ashanti joins in on the floating hook by purring "Falling slowly, falling slowly."  

Joyner Lucas and Ashanti (Orchard Music)

However, there definitely is a clear escalation of events in the dramatic music video, as we see that Ashanti has discovered she is pregnant with Lucas's child (much to her chagrin) and we also later see Lucas get arrested by the police as Ashanti looks on impassively. So perhaps they're just really good actors and are faithfully portraying the story arc of a passionate yet doomed couple? It seems an excitable social media is still not quite sure what to make of their latest exploits.

One user on Twitter exclaimed, "Ashanti and Joyner were kissing hella hard. They got to be dating or just good at acting."



Another Twitter user seemed to have drawn the same conclusions.



A follower also tweeted his disbelief about the unlikely pairing.



One fan was convinced the couple were now dating based on what he had seen in the music video.



As another supporter concluded, there was definitely more to this story than just a mere music video. 



We'll just have to wait and see if they come out and put a label on their relationship. For now, they're just two artists who seem to be really dedicated to their chosen craft.

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