'Leave me alone': Joy Behar tells 'The View' co-hosts to 'shut up' as they jeer about her personal life

'Leave me alone': Joy Behar tells 'The View' co-hosts to 'shut up' as they jeer about her personal life
Joy Behar loses her cool after her co-hosts jeered her about her personal life on 'The View' (ABC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'The View' on ABC is a controversial show that makes headlines not for their heaty discussion but the quarreling between the hosts. While Whoopi Goldberg is always the highlight of every episode for her "too much information" type discussion, now Joy Behar is taking the controversial seat and making headlines. Joy seems done with her co-hosts and snaps at them for asking a simple question. But everything turned sour in this week's episode when Joy shouted, "shut up!" at her co-hosts for discussing her personal life on television. The outburst happened on Monday's episode when the girls got into a serious discussion about the G.O.A.T Martha Stewart gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine.

The conversation soon went downhill when Joy opened up about how she is still enjoying her life, being an 80-year-old. Joy discussed the beauty in aging gracefully and said, "I think more to the point is 'what are you doing with yourself now, in these years?'... I'm writing plays now. I am always finding something creative to do. I think that's more important than how you look. It's like what are you doing on a daily basis to make your life interesting?" 


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'I hang my coat on it'

While talking about aging gracefully, Sara Haines spoke up and brought up something that shouldn't have been on national television and said, "You also row at home." To which Joy replied with, "yeah, well," but Sara was quick to interject Joy and said, "She hasn't used that machine once." Joy stood her ground and said, "It was very good for my coat. I hang my coat on it." Sara was quick to bring up another comment and said, "Now even once, she's never tried it," but another host Sunny Hostin was quick to bring up something even more peculiar and said, "You were supposed to be doing Pilates, weren't you?" At this point Joy had enough and she slammed her hands on the table with, "Alright, shut up! Leave me alone." Her co-hosts started laughing at this outburst, with that Joy said, "I'm not Martha. I'm not posing, OK?" The show then did what it does best when things get a little heated in the studio, they cut to a commercial break. 


Joy Behar is done with her co-hosts

Controversy doesn't rest at 'The View'. In the last week's episode, Joy Behar was annoyed by one of her co-hosts for asking silly questions live on air. Joy has had enough of her co-host Sara Haines and she let Sara know about it too. The incident happened during the same episode when Whoopi Goldberg was feeling quite happy about sharing how she never wears any underwear while on vacation. Well, stay tuned for more controversies incoming straight from 'The View's studio. 

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 Joy Behar shouts at co-hosts to 'shut up' after they bring up her personal life on 'The View'