Joy Behar jokes that while Clinton was sleeping with Monica Lewinsky, Trump is sleeping with Putin: 'It’s a little different'

'The View' co-host was comparing the ongoing impeachment with that of the former president with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

                            Joy Behar jokes that while Clinton was sleeping with Monica Lewinsky, Trump is sleeping with Putin: 'It’s a little different'

Joy Behar, co-host of ABC's 'The View', joked on Wednesday about how the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton compared to the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. “I think that the Democrats’ tactics are failing and that’s really the problem," guest host former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said. "He hasn’t changed. You hear that. He’s the same he has always been.”

But Behar responded asking, “Why do you call them tactics? They’re just defending the Constitution.”

“It’s a political process, Joy. It is. It’s not a legal process, but a political process," Christie remarked. "I think Nancy Pelosi was right in the beginning. She said, if it’s not bipartisan, we shouldn’t do it.”

“With Clinton, it wasn’t bipartisan, so it didn’t work," he added.

Joy Behar attends The Hollywood Reporter 35 Most Powerful People In Media Celebration at The Four Seasons Restaurant on April 16, 2014, in New York City. (Getty Images)

Behar then went on to joke that Clinton "was sleeping with Lewinsky. This guy’s sleeping with Putin. It’s a little different.”

Behar grabbed headlines for a mess up on the same episode when she implied that the two shooters who killed three civilians and a police officer in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Tuesday were "white nationalists."

The problem was that both the shooters, one male and one female, were African American. The male shooter, David Anderson, 47, was once a follower of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement and was found to have posted anti-police and anti-Semitic rhetoric on his social media page, per The New York Times. According to CNN, members of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement believe “blacks are the true descendants of biblical Jews.” 

That said, both Anderson and Francine Graham, the female shooter, were killed during the shootout on Tuesday. “Is it anti-Semitic?” Behar asked Christie. “What happened?”

Chris Christie speaks onstage during Politicon 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center on October 20, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)

In response, the former New Jersey governor echoed the Jersey City mayor’s belief that the kosher supermarket “was targeted.” Christie then discussed the officer who was murdered, namely detective Joseph Seals. “It’s a really terrible thing, and we need to pray for this detective’s family,” Christie said. “Those five children lost their dad.”

“Yes,” Behar said. “You will concede that the nationals — these white nationalists have been let out of their holes.”

“Listen,” Christie responded. “It’s an awful, divisive time when you are allowing folks to be able to express these kind of views, no matter how they are, no matter what the ethnic, religious bias they have. That’s got no place in this country, never has, and we, all of us who feel that way need to be speaking out against it and drown their voices out.”

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