Joshua Bassett accused of 'fake sexual assault' for a social experiment but Internet cancels him anyway

'High School Musical' star Joshua Bassett is being slammed by the internet after he was accused of a 'fake' sexual assault

                            Joshua Bassett accused of 'fake sexual assault' for a social experiment but Internet cancels him anyway
Joshua Bassett (Getty Images)

Teenage heartthrob Joshua Bassett became the latest victim of the cancel culture with '#joshuabassetisoverparty' hashtag trending on Twitter. The 'High School Musical' star found himself being slammed by the internet when a woman named Grace accused the star of sexual assault. In the tweet which has now been deleted, Grace recounted an incident from 2019 when she was just 15 and approached Bassett for a picture. Bassett then reportedly led her to an alleyway and tried kissing her forcibly. She narrated how she felt at that time and how she eventually escaped Bassett's clutches. Grace ended her tweet by urging people to "believe the victims".

After reading Grace's tweets, the internet began slamming the 'High School Musical' star for his inappropriate behavior towards a minor. A user tweeted, "Literally no one should be surprised by joshua bassett being a sexual predator. This isn’t the first allegation. He needs to be fired from Disney and everybody should be believing the victim." Another user wrote, "Joshua Bassett is a cis white straight man and y’all are SURPRISED HE TURNED OUT TO BE A RAPIST?!!!????!!" One more said, "Good thing I cancelled joshua bassett when he was exposed for being a homophobe now he's being exposed for sexual assaulting someone yeah he's done f**k all white men wbk stan powerful beautiful non racist non homophobic woman of color instead."

But soon, another Twitter user who goes by the name of Luna, posted a tweet claiming that Bassett's accuser, Grace, messaged her saying that the allegations against the star were "fake" and part of a "social experiment". Luna shared, "Yeah hi so um grace dmed me. She made up the whole thing as a social experiment. I already told her off for how wrong it was do to this but please don’t forget that joshua has 2 other allegations against him. I'm deleting the ss of her tweet and you guys should too bc false info."

Soon after seeing Luna's tweet, fans were unhappy with Grace for lying about the sexual assault, but continued to slam the star. A user wrote, "tw/ sexual assault I deleted my tweets in support of grace, after she admitted to faking, but can we please just remember joshua bassett has two other allegations against him and that none if you should be re-stanning or supporting because he’s vile and i’ll unfollow if you do." Bassett reportedly has been accused by two other people for sexual assault. Another user wrote, "tw/: sexual assault and pedophelia the fact that there was ONE false allegation against joshua bassett DISGUSTS me because people are starting to refollow him when there's TWO OTHER allegations rn and ppl are assuming those are fake too. BELIEVE THE OTHER VICTIMS." 

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