Josh Duggar's pregnant wife Anna thinks he's innocent in child pornography case, Internet feels 'sorry for her'

While Josh and Anna are expecting their seventh child, she said that she's standing by her husband as he faces 40 years in jail for receiving and possessing child pornography

                            Josh Duggar's pregnant wife Anna thinks he's innocent in child pornography case, Internet feels 'sorry for her'
Josh Duggar's wife Anna is standing by him amid child pornography charges (Getty Images)

'19 Children and Counting' star Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar's eldest son Josh Duggar is facing charges of child pornography. However, his wife, Anna Duggar thinks he's innocent and is firmly standing by his side. The show aired on TLC from 2008 to 2015, depicting the lives of Jim and his many children. The show was canceled in 2015 after Josh admitted to charges of molestation of five girls, including several of his sisters.

As Josh awaits trial for alleged possession of child pornography, his wife Anna has decided to support him. A source told People, "She's standing by him. She thinks Josh is innocent. (Josh) has seen (his) children with Anna there. She has to be there." Josh and Anna got married in 2008 and have six children together. Anna is also currently expecting their seventh child.


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Josh Duggar (Getty Images)

Josh was arrested on charges of possession of child pornography on April 30, 2021. He pleaded not guilty to charges of receiving and possessing child pornography and was granted bail on May 6, 2021. Magistrate Judge Christy Comstock prohibited Josh from any internet-accessible devices pending his July 6 trial. She also stated that Duggar could have contact with his children only with his wife present and that he could not be around any other minors, including other family members.

Josh, 33, is currently residing in a massive mansion in Elkins, Arkansas, with third party custodians Lacount and Maria Reber. He is confined to the home with GPS tracking. Jim even built a fence around the mansion Josh is living in. An insider told The Sun, "Jim Bob is doing everything he can for Josh, and he's worried about the attention on him and the family. He's concerned about photographers in town covering the case, and anyone who might want to hurt Josh because of the crimes he's accused of."

Anna and Josh Duggar (Getty Images)

'Is this part of their family values'

People flocked to Twitter with their 'astonishment' over Anna's support for her husband. One user said, "I assume the religious cult she's in commands her to." Another said, "At what point does brainwashing become spousal abuse? This woman is controlled by the family elders. Have they examined his children for abuse?" One more said, "I get the whole “…for better or for worse…” but this is a little much." One user wondered, "Is this part of their ‘family values’ reporting?" One more said, "I feel sorry for her. Guess she didn’t believe his sisters either."

Another said, "She is pregnant with her seventh child, has no job skills/education & a Family that strongly “supports” her staying with him. It’s horrible. I would run as far & as fast as possible." One more said, "Someone needs to rescue her and the kids and take her far away from this family."














Federal authorities said they began investigating Josh after a Little Rock police detective stumbled upon information that child pornography files were being shared by a computer, which was traced to Josh. Pornographic images depicting the sexual abuse of children, including toddlers, were downloaded in May 2019 by a computer at a car dealership owned by Josh, as testified by a federal Homeland Security agent. Agent Gerald Faulkner stated that multiple child pornography files were found on the said computer and more than 200 images of the same nature were recovered that had been deleted.

Josh had previously apologized for pornography addiction and cheating on his wife. Josh's trial is set for July 6. If convicted, the former TLC star is looking at 20 years of jail time and fines up to $250,000 on each of the two counts. This makes his total possible sentence 40 years.