Josh Duggar condemned child molesters and rapists on Facebook years before arrest for child pornography

Josh Duggar condemned child molesters and rapists on Facebook years before arrest for child pornography
Josh Duggar was arrested on Thursday, May 6 (Washington County Sheriff's Office via Getty Images)

In a post from 10 years ago, Josh Duggar allegedly condemned child molesters and rapists. In May, the 33-year-old reality star was arrested on child pornography charges having been accused of possessing 65 indecent images of kids.

In a 2011 Facebook post, Josh shared a snippet of a newspaper article that claimed the Duggars raised their children to not be "child molesters, rapists and murderers."


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Anna and Josh Duggar (Getty Images)

Condemning child molestation

The post was written in defense of Jim Bob and Michelle, who have 19 kids and were possibly having a 20th child. The report read, "While Jim Bob and Michelle are having a family, they are also teaching values, respect, love, modesty and self-sufficiency. Have you ever heard of any of them in trouble with the law? If everyone would raise their children with these qualities, who would care about quantity?"


The article goes on, "This world needs many more like them. Prisons are full of rapists, drug addicts, child molesters and murderers, and I will bet many, if not all, are from homes that have less than 20 children. If everyone were like the Duggars, a lot of people would be out of a job - police officers, judges, court clerks, parole officers, counselors and prison officials, just to name a few. Judge not lest ye be judged."


The image of the snippet allegedly shared by Josh Duggar on his Facebook in 2011 (Reddit/ u/NeighborhoodClear735)

A Reddit user unearthed the post, claiming. "I got this from my Facebook friend's site. Josh had posted this years ago."


The screenshot the Reddit user shared shows an account with the name Josh Duggar and a photo with his wife Anna. According to the screenshot, the post was shared on November 23, 2011.

Child pornography 

Josh was arrested in Washington County, Arkansas, last Thursday, May 6, after a 2019 Homeland Security raid on Josh's now-closed used car dealership. According to the indictment, Josh "knowingly received child pornography" reportedly between or about May 14, 2019, and on or about May 16, 2019.


For the second count, Josh "knowingly possessed material that contained images of child pornography," including "images of minors under the age of 12." Despite this, Duggar was released on bail despite allegedly having 65 child pornography images and one video of minors, including a toddler.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (Wikimedia Commons)

A federal agent reportedly described the alleged images as being "the worst of the worst" that he has seen in his career. At his arraignment on Friday, May 7, Josh pleaded not guilty to the charges. If convicted, he could receive 20 years in prison with fines up to $250,000 for each count. 

This comes at a time when 32-year-old Anna is pregnant with the couple's seventh child. As viewers of their TLC show urge her to divorce him, she is reportedly continuing to support Josh throughout the scandal and has no plans to walk away from him. "Anna is standing by her husband as she always has," a source reportedly told The Sun. "She even accompanied Josh to Fayetteville on Thursday so he could turn himself in to authorities."


Josh's arrest comes six years after he was accused of molesting five underage girls as a teenager. According to a report in In Touch Weekly based on a 33-page Arkansas police report, Jim Bob told police his eldest son fondled the breasts and genitals of young girls while they were asleep in the Duggar family home back in 2006. 

Following the allegations, Josh Duggar said, "Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends." He was never charged with any crime related to the incidents.


The Duggar Family (Instagram/@duggarfam)

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