Jose Mendoza: California father at large after killing daughter's ex-boyfriend who was chasing her car

Jose Mendoza: California father at large after killing daughter's ex-boyfriend who was chasing her car
Jose Mendoza killed his daughter’s ex-boyfriend (Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A California father is at large after fatally shooting his daughter's former partner who allegedly chased her in his car. Giovannie Gutierrez confronted his ex-girlfriend at her job on Monday afternoon, November 21, and confiscated her cell phone, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department. 

KTLA reported that the duo then met later in a nearby area and the woman salvaged her cell phone but she drove away when Gutierrez tried to break her car mirror. Gutierrez was driving a white Chrysler 300M sedan and was chasing his former partner who was driving a compact car, witnesses told. Both the cars collided at least once during the pursuit. 


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The two cars halted in the middle of Sierra Highway, the sheriff’s department said. Gutierrez then apparently tried to forcefully enter into her car while she was on the call with family members who had dialled emergency services. “She told us at the time she was inside of her car and Giovannie was trying to get in, was reaching through the window after he had already taken her keys, trying to open the door, trying to pull her out of the car and at some point he had gotten his hands around her throat,” sheriff’s detective Derrick Alfred told KTLA.

A white Ford Ranger arrived at the scene while Gutierrez was still trying to force his way into the car. The sheriff’s department said that a man, who has been identified as the woman's father, got out from the pick-up truck and shot Gutierrez “once in the head". The woman's father, Jose Mendoza is now wanted for murder. Gutierrez died after he was taken to a hospital. 

The news outlet reported that Mendoza was seen at a sheriff’s station in a surveillance video but he turned around and fled on Wednesday. Mendoza, 59, was described as a 5 feet 6 inches tall man and about 140 pounds with black hair and brown eyes by the sheriff's office. He is believed to be armed with a semi-automatic handgun and should not be approached. 

Anyone with information asked to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500.

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