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Jordan Peterson slammed for his 'trans people confused about their gender' remark amid Twitter suspension

Jordan Peterson recorded a video explaining the Twitter ban and compared top surgery to Nazi medical experiments while smashing the LGBTQIA community
Dr Jordan Peterson is under the microscope again for calling trans people 'confused' (Photo: @Jordan B Peterson/YouTube)
Dr Jordan Peterson is under the microscope again for calling trans people 'confused' (Photo: @Jordan B Peterson/YouTube)

Dr Jordan Peterson is once again in the news for his controversial political ideologies when it comes to the LGBTQIA community. Time and again he's called them, "the alphabet people." This time he said that people are confused about their sexual identities and that seeing an opposite gender trait overlap with yours doesn't mean you're that gender. He also said that when approached by people about their sexual identities, he helps them with finding the solution and doesn't tell them what to do. He defended his previous remarks which led people to call him a 'transphobe' and also defended his Twitter suspension.  

In an interview with The Telegraph on Friday, July 2, the Canadian psychologist explained that people get confused due to the gender traits being overlapped. He said, "So the idea that there is fluidity and there is overlap in gender personality is true. What isn't true is that this means you're in the wrong body, and that's not true even a bit. Gender is what you feel. Ok, what do you mean by "feel?" "I feel like I'm a man" Well, how do you know because you aren't." He continued explaining that many people "are being convinced they're transsexual' which is "not so good for gay people." While explaining that he likes to help people with sexual identities, he condemned surgical changes to the body. 


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He continued, "The right way to handle that therapeutically is to say, 'OK, I don’t know what the hell is best for you, and clearly you don’t either because you’re confused. So let’s evaluate the whole range of possibilities before we do anything precipitous, let alone surgical.'" Peterson previously caught a lot of flak for calling out Sports Illustrated as they used an oversized Asian woman on the cover. For Peterson, it was a stupid decision. He said in a now unavailable tweet, "Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that. The use of that model, who was not athletic (remember: SPORTS Illustrated) was manipulative economically and in relation to the model herself (although she participated in her own exploitation). Beauty is an ideal. Almost all of us fall short of an ideal. I'm not willing to sacrifice any ideal to faux compassion. Period. And certainly not the ideal of athletic beauty." This time too the people were quick to get their hands on Peterson.



Internet slams Peterson for transphobic remarks

While people believed that Twitter suspended him, he previously explained that he avoided the platform to "avoid reading comments from anonymous trolls" that implied he was "a white supremacist' and a "transphobe." He then released a YouTube video explaining his Twitter ban and compared top surgery to Nazi medical experiments while smashing the LGBTQIA community. One user, remembering his remarks, said, "Jordon Peterson obviously don’t know his history of transgender people, transgender transition medicine or nazi history, perhaps he should look up the history of the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft." Another user said, "Ppl say hes an"expert"hmm. Like one psychiatrist who told me to read the bible instead of transitioning and another telling me I would be an ugly woman if I did yes,experts indeed." 



One user slammed her video explaining the ban and strong remarks saying, "I feel like our society is spiraling cause half of men have no coping skills. In past didn’t need to learn. They’d keep trying til they got something, & they would. Now they publicly explode & take everyone down with them if ever told “No.” Truly just have no idea how to cope." Another user said, "Jordan peterson making a 15 minute video with two different cameras crying about being suspended on twitter for straight up being transphobic about elliot page is hilarious. "intellectual giant" crying and debating twitter tos with the absolute worst arguments i've ever heard."



One sure said, "Cool conspiracy theory My sexuality has nothing to do with me being trans or is Jordan saying I can't be sexually attracted to men now?!!!!" Another user wrote, "Jordan Peterson, Philosopher Idiot, was given a platform by the right wing Americans because of his anti-gay stance. But gays won that war so he doesn't do much anti-gay shtick anymore. They needed him to go after a new enemy and they picked trans people."



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