Who is Jordan Burnette? NYC synagogue vandal released hours after judge ignores bail reform laws to jail him

Jordan Burnette, 29, was charged with 42 counts including hate crime-related offenses as he allegedly smashed windows at 4 synagogues and destroyed prayer books

                            Who is Jordan Burnette? NYC synagogue vandal released hours after judge ignores bail reform laws to jail him
Jordan Burnette was accused of hate crime as he vandalized NYC synagogues (NYPD Hate Crimes Twitter/ NBC NY)

THE BRONX, NEW YORK CITY: A New York City judge made headlines after she released a man suspected of vandalizing four synagogues across the Bronx. Jordan Burnette, 29, was charged with 42 counts which included hate crime-related offenses as he was accused of smashing windows at various synagogues and destroying prayer books in an 11-day crime spree.

Burnette appeared before the court on Sunday, May 2, as he was expected to be 'freed' due to the reformed laws of bail of New York state which notes that a suspect with his charges cannot be held on bail. Initially, a judge named Louis Nock defied the reformed law and ordered a stay on $20,000 bail citing 'hate crimes' offenses. But the impact of his defiance was short-lived as another judge Tara Collins granted Burnette a supervised release, New York Post reported.


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The first judge Judge Louis Nock termed some of the offenses as 'hate crimes' and ordered Burnette be held on a $20,000 bail (Ballotpedia)



Judge Louis Nock defied bail reform laws

According to multiple reports, Burnette is accused of going on a crime spree where he 'hurled' large rocks at two Bronx synagogues — Chabad of Riverdale and Riverdale Jewish Center. He also ravaged the doors and windows of local synagogues and poured hand sanitizer over prayer books. Some of the vehicles that were parked nearby were also allegedly damaged by the man.

Local surveillance footage shows a man throwing a stone at several Riverdale synagogues while another camera captured Burnette in the same attire walking away from the area. Finally, he was arrested when he was found riding a stolen bicycle. Later, in a court hearing, Assistant District Attorney Theresa Gottlieb told Justice Louis Nock, "Given the number of attacks, we probably would have asked for substantial bail before January of 2020. The legislature did not include hate crimes in its revision of bail reform and under the law as it exists today, this is not eligible," and added, "We will not violate the law." But Judge Nock stated, "I've taken a very close look at the law," adding, "Given the gravity and the number of charges he's facing, this court is inclined to set bail."


Morgan Everhart, attorney of Burnette said, "Your honor, according to the bail law, none of the charges in this case apply," claiming, "These are all nonviolent charges." To which Judge Nock said, "I appreciate your effort. I hope I am correct."

'Charged with burglary as a hate crime'

During a press conference on Saturday, May 1, NYPD Deputy Inspector Jessica Corey of the Hate Crimes Task Force said, "He is being charged with burglary as a hate crime and also faces numerous charges relating to the many acts of vandalism as hate crimes that have taken place in this community." John Miller, NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism added, "This has been going on for a few days. This was a department-wide effort. Hopefully life will resume back to normal and people will be able to worship without fear."

Just hours after Nock's defiance, judge Tara Collins reportedly granted Burnette a supervised release. NYPD Hate Crimes Twitter account earlier updated, "An individual has been arrested and charged with numerous Hate Crimes involving multiple synagogues in Riverdale."


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