'Sacred Lies' star Jordan Alexander researched on the foster care system for her first major role

'Sacred Lies' star Jordan Alexander researched on the foster care system for her first major role
Jordan Alexander (Facebook Watch)

Facebook Watch’s latest anthology series 'Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones', besides offering a gripping plotline, has grasped our attention with its fascinating cast of characters.

The mystery thriller follows Elsie, a troubled teenager who is in pursuit of the truth about her existence while juggling between foster homes.

Jordan Alexander, the actress who essays Elsie on 'Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones' recently met with MEA Worldwide (MEAWW) at the red carpet of the Facebook Watch where she spoke at length about her first major role.

When asked if playing Elsie was a huge challenge, Jordan said, "In theory, yes. But I just felt very supported by everyone that I was around and embraced. I felt like they believed in me, so I believed in me."

However, she had to do her share of research to be able to get into the head of her character.

"I went online and found people talking about their experiences. Real people talking about their specific experience in foster care. I also have a couple of people in my specific life that I reached out to and asked questions about it and really tried to get a sense of what that system does to you and what not having that support system around does to you," she told MEAWW.


Elaborating on the emotions she experienced while executing her character, Jordan said, "I feel like I really try to make things real and they are real for me. It's real for the character. So, it was very upsetting because as much as this is a fictional telling, these things do happen. I felt like it was very easy to access that because people do go through this and that's upsetting."

She also stated that working with her co-stars Juliet, Ryan and Kristen was incredible. "I learned so much just from observing them and observing their craft and how comfortable they are and how they take risks in front of the camera."

"They really embraced me and made it a great experience. Specifically Ryan clued me in on something where if you're in a wide shot don't give it everything because then they're going to come in like six takes later. So you've already exhausted yourself with crying like crazy," Jordan said.



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