Joni Ernst trolled for using George Washington meme at Senate filibuster rule debate

Ernst did not only have a speech ready - she had an entire performance running, complete with props

                            Joni Ernst trolled for using  George Washington meme at Senate filibuster rule debate
Sen Joni Ernst (R-IA) wears sunglasses and tells Democrats to 'cool it' on the Senate floor (Twitter)

Sen Joni Ernst (R-IA) was trolled after she showed up on the Senate floor on Wednesday, January 12, with a photoshopped  picture of former President George Washington wearing sunglasses as she explained to the Democrats to "cool it" with their efforts to roll back the filibuster rule.


Ernst did not only have a speech ready for her colleagues from the other side of the political aisle -- she had an entire performance running, complete with props that included a picture of what looked like a meme of the first-ever POTUS as well as a pair of shades that she put on to drill home her message. During her speech she defended the 60-vote tradition, noting that Washington famously said the Senate was created to "cool" House legislation, comparing it to a saucer used to cool hot tea. While saying the words, she stood next to a poster of Washington wearing sunglasses with the words: "COOL IT!"


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"Before casting a vote that could fundamentally change the Senate forever, I would urge my Democratic colleagues to take some advice about the intended behavior of the Senate from our nation’s greatest statesman, George Washington, and cool it," Ernst said as she put sunglasses on her face. She paused for dramatic effect. Her speech was part of an effort by Senate Republicans to call out Democrats' hypocrisy for pushing to undo the Senate filibuster even though they had previously fought hard to preserve the 60-vote Senate rule. 


'Seems a step too far, even for Joni'

Ernst is being mocked on the internet for the stunt she pulled on the Senate floor. "What is wrong with her?" one of them said, while another commented, "I don't think they should be dropping acid during an actual Congressional session....seems a step too far, even for Joni." A third wrote, "Iowa must be proud." The next remarked, "Oh jesus she's going to make Grassley look like the smart one isn't she." One more quipped, "Yeah, remember at the battle of Trump River where the trees were made of marshmallow and George Washington gave his famous 'cool it' speech?" Another added, "Is she kidding? This is laughable in the face of the Republican insurrection."

A commenter tweeted, "As George Washington once said: 'Cool it now You got to cool it now Oh watch out You're gonna lose control Cool it now You got to slow it down Slow it down You're gonna fall in love.'" One more noted, "WTF is taking advice from that. Sit down." Another stated, "It’s all performance for them, no ideas." A person reacted with, "So @SenJoniErnst is against voting rights and election security. Aka democracy. Noted." Another said, "Why does she always need some kind of prop? It's not show and tell at the Senate."






















It is not the first time Ernst used props this week to take a swipe at Democrats.  At a news conference Tuesday, Ernst showed a pair of flip-flop sandals as she accused Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of a "filibuster flop-flop."  

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