Magic's Jonathan Isaac suffers knee injury, Internet slams trolls who say ‘now he’ll kneel for the anthem’

Magic's Jonathan Isaac suffers knee injury, Internet slams trolls who say ‘now he’ll kneel for the anthem’
Jonathan Isaac (Getty Images)

On Sunday, it was of Orlando Magic and Sacramento Kings in the NBA league, when Orlando forward Jonathan Isaac went down with a knee injury in the fourth quarter of the game. Isaac was later carted off the court in a wheelchair. The incident happened after Isaac refused to kneel down during the national anthem as part of the Black Lives Matter movement on Thursday. He was also the first NBA player to not wear a 'Black Lives Matter' shirt during the rendition.

Connecting the dots of Isaac's injury with his decision of not kneeling down during the national anthem, people started slamming the player on the Internet. As the slam fest was in full bloom, one Twitter user said it all happened because of his 'karma', saying, "That Jonathan Isaac karma was swift. God knows that Black Lives Matter. He created us," and another user said, "Lmaoo he wouldn’t take a knee during the anthem so god took his whole knee." Another mean comment came in, saying, "maybe now he’ll kneel for the anthem."





Some people wished him for his health but didn't shy away from slamming him, in the same post, as one of the users said, "Well hopefully he has a speedy recovery and educates himself on why BLM is important and why using Jesus as an excuse to support all lives matter isn’t okay."


Replying to the trolls against the player, some users also came out in his support, saying, "Man you’re really dumb if you think God causes injuries. Also, that man did what he thought was right (as we all should) and when interviewed about it he took the opportunity to share the gospel. So please don’t use God for your petty jabs next time," and "As long as u believe in helping black/minority people, u don't have to kneel or wear a shirt. Hell! Pop didn't kneel and he has always had black peoples back. I dont want u to do something that u don't 100% believe n." One Twitter user slammed the people who were making fun of him by saying, "All of you laughing at his injury just because he didn't protest the way you would and because he didn't wear a merchandising shirt. You are worse than what you are trying to eradicate. You are part of the problem too."





Isaac had four points and three rebounds in the game when he went down. He faced a similar injury in his left knee initially in January and was expected to miss the remainder of the game season recovering.

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