Jonas Brothers drop 'Five More Minutes' and 'X' featuring Karol G, fans say they have the songs on repeat

'Five More Minutes' was originally previewed during the brothers' 2020 Grammy performance

                            Jonas Brothers drop 'Five More Minutes' and 'X' featuring Karol G, fans say they have the songs on repeat
Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas (Getty Images)

The Jonas Brothers have sent their fans into a frenzy after dropping not one but TWO tracks on May 14.

The two songs, 'Five More Minutes' and 'X' (which features Karol G) are already being showered with praise from excited Jonas fans.

"Best way to wake up," tweeted one fan, "ON REPEAT I LOVE THESE #JONASBROTHERSXV #XV," said another and one shared, "Thanks to the Jonas Brothers who keep entertaining us regarding what is going on right now in the world! #JONASBROTHERSXV." Another fan stated, "GIMME 5 MORE MINUTES TO FIND SOME F*CKING BREATH BC #JONASBROTHERSXV TOOK IT ALL."

Needless to say, we're all smitten. "Me: 'I’ll listen it once and then I’ll study' / Me for the last 30 minutes: 'OH OH OH KISS ME LIKE YOUR EX IS IN THE RO-OO-OO-M'," joked one addicted fan. Another fan stated, "I can't believe how immaculate these songs are,"

Fans also shared their excitement around seeing these songs performed by the brothers someday, stating, "Who’s ready to see them perform these live #JONASBROTHERSXV," and some also joked, "Holy sh*t ok 5 more minutes is an absolute BOP from @jonasbrothers but how on earth are us tone deaf fans suppose to sing “please say” in tune back to them in concert."

Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers perform at Barclays Center on November 23, 2019 in New York City (Getty Images)

"Okay @jonasbrothers I see you, adding some Latin flavor to your song "X". Can't blame you  #JONASBROTHERSXV," tweeted one fan.

'Five More Minutes' is a soft, melodic summer romance song that's sure to put you in a good mood while 'X' is a sultry Latin-flavored bop that's going to have you on your feet in five seconds flat and the contrast between the two songs has already sparked a new meme format that reads, "X vs. 5 More Minutes" and sees people share two selfies that show them embracing their sultry side versus basking in that romantic summer glow.

Naturally, the songs split some fans into two separate camps. Fans in the 'X' camp stated, "#JONASBROTHERSXV I love XV sm 5 more minutes is a bit more chill but like it too," and one fan tweeted, "!!!!! I hope u realize X is literally about to be everyone's summer soundtrack #JONASBROTHERSXV." Fans in the 'Five More Minutes' camp said, "5 MORE MINUTES IS AMAZING," as well as, "Thanks for 5 more minutes!!!! #xv." So far, it's a pretty even split between the two.

And of course, some fans could not pick just one, stating, "THEY’RE BOTH SO GOOD YOU FED US SO WELL!!!" with many predicting that both tracks are going to take the charts by storm, tweeting, "Going straight to #1!!! Let's get it!!!! #JONASBROTHERSXV."