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Jolissa Fuentes: Petition slams cops for not giving missing Selma woman same attention as Kiely Rodni

In an eerie similarity with Kiely Rodni's disappearance and death, now missing Fresno County, California, woman Jolissa Fuentes has been found dead
UPDATED OCT 12, 2022
(Norma Nunez/Facebook and Nevada County Sheriff's Office)
(Norma Nunez/Facebook and Nevada County Sheriff's Office)

Update: In an eerie similarity with Kiely Rodni's disappearance and death, now missing Fresno County, California, woman Jolissa Fuentes who last seen more than two months ago was found dead inside her crashed car at the bottom of a cliff in the Sierra Nevada foothills, officials said.

Among other similarities the two had been reported missing one day apart, albeit in different locations. Fuentes was reported missing on August 7, while Rodni went missing on Aug 6. The search for both of them took a long period of time. Rodni's body was found in her car that was submerged in a lake, while now Fuentes' body has been discovered at the bottom of a cliff. 

Selma Police Chief Rudy Alcaraz led the investigation into Fuentes’ disappearance and personally found the crash site. “I just got lucky in finding the location where her car went off the road,” Alcaraz said in a news conference Tuesday. After stopping his patrol car near a curve in the road, he saw tire tracks in the dry brush, reports CNN.


SELMA, CALIFORNIA: Two months have passed since Selma woman Jolissa Fuentes disappeared. Despite search efforts by the police and a dive team, the young woman remains missing. Fuentes, 22, was last seen on surveillance footage at a Selma gas station around 4 am on August 7, about 16 miles south of Fresno. Nobody has heard from her since then and her worried mother, Norma Nunez, has been praying for her daughter's safe return. Fuentes disappeared while she was out getting snacks. Police have said that the case is being treated as a criminal investigation.

A petition has now been launched, which will be sent to the California Attorney General's Office to request proper law enforcement services that Fuentes' and her family deserve. Petition, launched by one Melissa Pittman, says, "Jolissa Fuentes went missing on August 7 2022 from Selma California. Her disappearance was promptly reported to Selma Police Department. Her family has received little to no cooperation in the search of Jolissa. Any & all searches have been conducted & organized by Jolissa's family. Selma PD refuses to cooperate with a private investigator that the family has hired. What is most frustrating is on August 6 2022 just four hours away there was reported to have been over 16 law enforcement agencies on the ground, in the air & in the water when 16 year old Kiely Rodni was reported missing yet Jolissa has received NOTHING even close to this sort of attention or assistance! What's good enough for the blonde hair, blue eyed Caucasian should ALSO BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR BROWN, HISPANIC AMERICANS!"


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"The Fuentes Family has appeared on many YouTube channels to get Jolissa's pictures, car description & demographics out to the public. They have called, begged, pleaded, emailed & prayed for local law enforcement to help find Jolissa, to reach out beyond their local department for assistance only to have NOTHING! NO RESPONSE. NO COOPERATION. NO DIRECTION. NOT EVEN CONCERN OR INTEREST! We MUST HOLD OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE OATH THEY TOOK WHEN THEY DECIDED TO WEAR THAT BADGE! If Selma PD doesn't have the resources or simply doesn't care enough then DIRECT JOLISSA'S FAMILY INTO THE DIRECTION OF A LE AGENCY THAT DOES!" it adds. "They've had & withheld information from Jolissa's family as they searched in a particular area for over a week when they knew she was seen going in a different direction. That was VITAL, CRUCIAL, IMPORTANT time, energy & money they could have have spent elsewhere. This is UNACCEPTABLE! If Selma Police Department can't do their job JUST SAY SO & ASK FOR THE HELP THAT JOLISSA & HER FAMILY RIGHTFULLY DESERVE. By signing this petition we hope to get adequate law enforcement agencies involved that should have been from day one."

Jolissa Fuentes left a party to go home, stopping at a gas station for a snack (Image provided by Norma Nunez)
JTwo months passed since Selma woman Jolissa Fuentes disappeared (Image provided by Norma Nunez)

Fuentes' sister, Irene, had previously told MEAWW that law enforcement is not doing enough. "I would like to tell the police I wish they would try their hardest. Try as hard as if Jolissa was one of their own daughters or sisters. I feel they don't put a lot of effort into looking for her. I only see me and my family when I'm out searching for her," she said.

"I wish law enforcement would do a lot more. I know they can follow the cameras or do something. They aren't trying their hardest," Irene added. Meanwhile, Internet sleuths have come together to form a Facebook group called 'Find Jolissa Fuentes', where they have been sharing clues, ideas, and praying for Fuentes' safe return.