JoJo Siwa blasts haters after being outed for use of 'blackface' in 'Nonstop' video: 'They dressed as animals'

The popstar clarified that it was actually a performer in an animal costume for the circus-themed music video

                            JoJo Siwa blasts haters after being outed for use of 'blackface' in 'Nonstop' video: 'They dressed as animals'
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In keeping with today's current politically correct climate, where a host of celebrities and other international figures have already been outed this year for past actions that carry seemingly racist conditions, another star was pulled into the mire this past week. This time it's pop star JoJo Siwa who was being accused of racist behavior after her new music video for 'Nonstop', which released on June 19.

The 17-year-old artiste had to defend herself on social media after numerous people claimed (comments are now turned off on her video) that one of the performers in her new music video was seen wearing blackface, a form of theatrical makeup that has already had a long history of perpetuating racial stereotypes, now viewed as a troubling caricature of people of color. People who have been outed for this behavior in the past include musicians like Drake and Joni Mitchell, actors like Ted Danson and Billy Crystal, TV show hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and politicians like Justin Trudeau and Anthony Sabatini.

A performer allegedly in blackface in the 'Nonstop' music video (official YouTube still / Viacom)

JoJo Siwa promptly took to social media to address those allegations, explaining that the performer was actually dressed up as a circus animal. The performer in question can immediately be seen in the first few seconds of the music video in a costume that includes dark makeup and animal ears. Considering the entire music video was circus-themed, with clowns, circus strongmen, bearded ladies, and other performers dressed like cheetahs and zebras clearly visible, it seems that many people may have been too quick to jump to conclusions.

The former 'Dance Moms' star immediately took to Instagram on June 26 to address these "irresponsible" allegations, saying that "everyone seems to rush to conclusions without having all of the facts." Siwa started off by saying, "I would like to address the music video that we shot for 'NONSTOP' in February. We're talking about kids dressing up as circus animals! No one in my video is wearing blackface," she stated, adding "It's awful that anyone's mind would even go there. Kids dressing in animal costumes, having their faces painted to look like animals, acting the part. There were zebras, tigers, dogs, clowns, mermaids, everything."



She also clarified that she would never do anything to offend people of color, saying "I've addressed Black Lives Matter issues previously on my social media, I will say it again for the ones in the back, Black Lives Matter, today, tomorrow, yesterday and forever. I'm on the right side of history here. Stop trying to make this about something it isn't."

The 'Boomerang' singer also called out her haters, saying "I blocked certain people online and stopped following others because I was tired of seeing the personal hate on me. Some people will do anything for attention and that includes being mean. People were sending me really horrible and disgusting messages about my appearance, my sexuality, my content, and overall just being hateful."

The Nickelodeon star concluded her lengthy post by saying, "I love my real fans and am so grateful for their love and support. Instead of trying to drag everyone down, let’s be positive and come back like a boomerang."

JoJo Siwa performs onstage (Getty Images)

Her fans also supported her, and one of them said: "I'm glad you got that positive and real message out cause there’s gonna be haters, even the ones closest to you. Keep being the true Jojo Siwa that you are and great things will continue coming your way and to your family." Another fan said, "It's sad that people are coming for influencers and misconstruing the littlest things and claiming racism or discrimination in any sort of way. Especially clocking people for things they posted maybe even YEARS ago."

As another fan concluded, "People will do anything to bring someone else down. Don’t listen to them! There is nothing wrong with your video. You’re a good positive person. Don’t let them break you!!! 💕"

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