Johnny Depp's mystery woman revealed: Red-haired companion is NOT another romance

Johnny Depp's mystery woman revealed: Red-haired companion is NOT another romance
Johnny Depp's dating rumors surface again as he gets spotted with red-haired woman (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Update: “There is not a romantic connection whatsoever,” a source close to Johnny Depp told The Post, referring to Depp and the mysterious red-haired woman who raised the curiosity of fans world over. 

His companion during his rehearsals in Italy has been identified as his French teacher. The actor was even seen helping the tutor with her bag as they headed to rehearsals for the Umbria Jazz Festival. The pair reportedly met on set while filming Depp’s new movie “Jeanne de Barry.” However, friends of the actor insist 
their meeting was 'no love affair'. Depp was then seen performing at the Arena Santa Giuliana with guitarist Jeff Beck.


Johnny Depp was spotted with a mysterious red-haired woman on Sunday, July 17, while he was on his way to a rehearsal at the Arena Santa Giuliana. The 59-year-old actor was seen with a smile while his female companion walked behind him.

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor was in Italy to perform at the Umbria Jazz Festival alongside fellow rocker Jeff Beck, with whom he has been performing for over a month, when he got clicked with a female companion while he was coming out of a van in a white T-shirt, blue jeans, which he paired with a brown fedora hat and black boots. Depp also wore a sweater wrapped around his waist. On the other hand, the unidentified woman was spotted in shorts and a green T-shirt, accompanied by low-heel brown sandals, a matching brown belt and sunglasses. DailyMail reported that the actor, who also promoted his album titled '18,' rehearsed for the performance before returning to the Brufani hotel in Perugia, where the mysterious lady would also be staying.

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Fans react after mystery woman spotted

The woman seen with Depp recently is breaking the internet with many trying to identify her identity. However, one user wrote, "no mystery to Johnny." While another pointed out at Heard saying, "good for you johnny.what will amber have to say about this." On the other hand, many were in question if he really is with someone. One individual said, "She looks like a concert organizer to me. Just to my readers, I do not comment at the Fail. The commenters from Melbourne or anywhere else are not me."




An album called '18'

Beck and Depp’s much-awaited studio album, '18,' has finally been released. The 13-track LP, most of which are covers of Motown soul songs as well as titles by the Beach Boys, The Velvet Underground or English rock band, Killing Joke, is now available on CD and with a 180-gram black vinyl version due for release on September 30. The duo, who is currently touring, is scheduled to finish their highly acclaimed European run in Paris in a fortnight’s time, as per reports by Musicradar.


The album cover shows a pencil illustration of two teenagers, garbed in white T-shirts, with their hair and guitars and microphones in their hands. As guitar legend Jeff Beck explains, it was chosen because "when Johnny and I started playing together, it ignited a youthful spirit and creativity in us — so much so that we kept joking about feeling 18 again."

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As per reports, Depp wrote another self-written song for the album named 'Sad Mother Fuckin' Parade,' which according to some critics, is dedicated to Heard — without naming her. "You're sitting there like a dog with a seven-year itch. And I think you've said enough for one night," Depp sings. The dog is seen as a reference to a testimony Heard made in court about her dog, which later became an internet meme.

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