Johnny Depp’s doctor frantically searched for severed finger as Amber Heard wept, disturbing audiotape reveals

"I can't find the fingertip, I can't find the finger," the actor's doctor David Kipper is heard frantically telling nurse Debbie Lloyd who gasps, "Look at all this awful blood. Holy f**k. Wow, wow"

                            Johnny Depp’s doctor frantically searched for severed finger as Amber Heard wept, disturbing audiotape reveals
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A disturbing audio recording of the aftermath that followed Johnny Depp having the tip of his right hand's middle finger severed showed a doctor and a nurse scrambling to find the cut-off piece of the actor's body while Amber Heard sobbed uncontrollably in the background.

The audio clip from March 2015, when the former couple entered into a violent argument that ended up with 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' actor almost losing one of his digits, was obtained by Daily Mail and published on Tuesday, April 7. It was unclear as to who recorded the audio or how, but Depp and Heard did have the habit of taping their arguments as a form of DIY therapy to listen to in the future.

Both of them have given separate accounts of how the finger ended up getting severed. Depp has maintained in both a court deposition as well as in his declaration filed last year as part of the $50 million defamation lawsuit against his former wife, that he sustained the finger injury when the 'Aquaman' actress threw a vodka bottle at him, which smashed against the countertop at the bar took out a portion of his finger.

Heard, on the other hand, has claimed in her own declaration that the actor cut off the tip of his own finger when he slammed a "hard plastic phone against the wall" after he had downed eight pills of MDMA and stayed awake for nights in a row while shooting a movie in Australia. 

The audio obtained by the publication began around 1 pm on March 8, 2015, which was an hour after their fight had ended. The clip is five hours long and recorded the voices of his doctor, his nurse and his bodyguard among others.

Around 50 minutes into the recording, the actor's private doctor David Kipper can be heard frantically asking Debbie Lloyd, a nurse, to help him find the piece of the severed finger so that he could reattach it to Depp's hand. 

Actors Amber Heard (L) and Johnny Depp attend "The Danish Girl" premiere during the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival at the Princess of Wales Theatre on September 12, 2015 in Toronto, Canada. (Getty Images)

"I can't find the fingertip, I can't find the finger," Kipper is heard saying in the clip. 

Lloyd, on the other hand, was taken aback by how much Depp had ended up bleeding. "Look at all this awful blood. Holy f**k. Wow, wow, wow," she gasped as she joined the doctor in sifting through piles of wreckage to locate the fingertip. 

"What about in the trash?" she asked at one point. "Is there a trash that has bandages in it?' How big of a piece of skin are you looking for?"

To which, Kipper replied, "I looked through it once and I didn't see anything that looked like flesh. You're looking at like a third of the tip of the finger and it's, I mean, he's going to get a cellulitis."

He also tells the nurse that Depp should be given antibiotics to stave off infection, and later would require a skin graft. 

When both of them were unable to find the severed finger amid empty trash cans and garbage, Kipper speculates where Depp could have thrown or kept it. "Now if I cut my hand like that I would put it in the sink and wash it," he wondered.

All the while, Heard sobbed in the background. The doctor recommended sedating her with the anti-psychotic medicine Seroquel - four times more than her usual dosage - and in order to keep her and Depp apart, suggested that someone should fly back to Los Angeles with her without wasting time.

Actors Amber Heard (L) and Johnny Depp attend The Art of Elysium 2016 HEAVEN Gala presented by Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler at 3LABS on January 9, 2016, in Culver City, California. (Getty Images)

The missing fingertip was eventually located in a sink by Jerry Judge, Depp's former head of security, long after Kipper left. "David can you hear? All right, we found the top of the finger. What do you want me to do?" Judge is heard asking Kipper over the phone.

After hearing Kipper's suggestion, Judge assigned another member of Depp's entourage to do the needful. "Ben's doing it now. Ben put it in some ice, mate. Do we take it straight to you? I can get him in the car and he can drive straight now," he continued on the phone.

Speaking to an unidentified woman on the phone, Judge describes the scene after the argument.

"I've seen Johnny bad. I've never seen him this bad. And honestly, he wrecked this place," he said. "I mean, it's wrecked. There's windows broken. There is a TV, she did it. There was a cup thrown, it missed. There's been bottles thrown and she admits to me that she threw the first, she threw a bottle (indiscernible). She (indiscernible) first. She (indiscernible). She wants a settlement. She says (indiscernible) refused to do (indiscernible) and he was shouting at her and screaming at her."

He also said that she had scratches on her body but believed they were self-inflicted. He added Depp had a cigarette burn hole on his face. 

"She hit him first. She actually hit him in the face. He has a small burn on the right-hand side of his face, which she says, I've seen that yesterday, that she said she said (indiscernible) he put a cigarette and burned his own face with the cigarette he was so bad," he said. 

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