Did Amber Heard, Johnny Depp get plastic surgery? Dr Anthony Youn's viral take on stars' looks

'It's fun to speculate about the rich and famous,' Dr Anthony Youn said

                            Did Amber Heard, Johnny Depp get plastic surgery? Dr Anthony Youn's viral take on stars' looks
Dr Anthony Youn has compared Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's old and new photos to spot signs of cosmetic procedures (Instagram/ @tonyyounmd and Getty Images/ Vittorio Zunino Celotto and John Phillips)

DETROIT, MICHIGAN: A plastic surgeon, who makes YouTube videos on celebrities’ possible plastic surgery, has gone viral after he created videos around the current 'hot topic' celebs — Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Dr Anthony Youn is “USA’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon,” as per his Instagram profile that has one million followers. He also makes TikTok and YouTube videos.

Recently, Dr Youn shared two videos on his TikTok page comparing old pictures of Depp and Heard with the recent ones, examining their faces to determine if they went under knife to change their looks. Both the videos have got millions of views, which were also posted on his YouTube as well as Instagram accounts. While judging the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star, the content creator with 7.7 million followers on TikTok concluded that there was 'very less' possibility that he had plastic surgery but he did not think the same for his 36-year-old ex-wife. The doctor suggested that Amber Heard has had a nose and lip job.


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The plastic surgeon explained to Insider how he thought of making videos on Depp and Heard. He said that after watching lots of videos on the former couple because of the current trial happening in Virginia, he also decided to try his hands on the "hot topic." Both the videos were part of a series on his TikTok, called "Real or Sus", where he analyzes famous people's photographs and if their faces seem to naturally change over the years, he brands them as “real”, otherwise “sus”, which is a short form of suspicious.


Dr Youn revealed to Insider, “The 'Real or Sus' idea came to me when my kids kept calling things sus when we played 'Among Us.' So I made a couple videos with it, and it seemed to resonate with people.” He went on to say: “As a society we've always been interested in whether celebs have plastic surgery. We are led to believe that they just look as good as they do naturally, so it's refreshing when we find out that maybe they're not so natural after all,” before noting: “Plus, it's fun to speculate about the rich and famous.”

But there is another doctor who does not seem to agree with Dr Youn. Dr Muneeb Shah, a dermatologist, had spoken with Insider last year and said: “It's up to us to remember that what we see doesn't represent anything close to the whole story. It's on us to practice being respectful of and compassionate toward all people and all bodies, always.”

The cosmetic surgeon, however, also knows about the criticism a few of his videos get and admitted that “I think it's really important to give celebs the benefit of a doubt. I'm happy to share my opinions, but in no way would I ever express them as the absolute truth.” Dr Youn also insisted that “there is no shame in getting plastic surgery” and he does not support people “judging anyone for plastic surgery they've had”.

Meanwhile, a lot of people have commented below the two posts on Depp and Heard on Instagram. For the 58-year-old actor, a fan wrote, “HE LOOKS FANTASTIC FOR HIS AGE.” Another fan said, “Yes! People keep saying he’s had work but I didn’t see it. He’s just aged 🤷🏽‍♀️/.” However, people did not seem similarly kind towards the ‘Aquaman’ actress as internet personality Oli London remarked: “Everything about her is sus.” Any  user posted: “Her soul is sus.” “Recently she showed everyone that she has too many faces… please talk about her another faces too 🤣🤣🤣 #justiceforjohnnydepp,” another user sarcastically added. 

YouTube commentators also went easy on Depp, while making fun of Heard. One fan pretended to be the actress complaining, writing in the comments section: "Oh I'm Amber Heard and I swear I didnt get plastic surgery. I'm all natural. If my face looks different it's because Johnny BEAT my face so much. Waaaaa". On the Depp video, a fan gushed: "He is unreasonably good looking, especially when he was young. My generation was blessed to have witnessed it in full glory. Excellent genes!"