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Johnna Rhone: School teacher arrested for passes fake bomb threats under classroom doors

The school teacher allegedly wrote in the fake notes that the school would be bombed by a terrorist
UPDATED DEC 21, 2021
Johnna Rhone dropped bomb threats in school (Macomb County Jail)
Johnna Rhone dropped bomb threats in school (Macomb County Jail)

DETROIT, MICHIGAN: A female teacher in Detroit was charged after she passed fake notes under the doors of classrooms at her school, warning that the school would be bombed by a terrorist. She wrote at least three notes in threatening language.

Johnna Rhone posted various threats last week at Jefferson Middle School in St Clair Shores, said Macomb County prosecutor​ Pete Lucido. One of the three notes read, "Start break early. He is gonna do it. Just do not be in the hall after lunch. Boom! Get it?"


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These notes were found under the doors of one classroom, the library, and the media center. The teacher was caught in footage of the surveillance camera of the school. Rhone was arrested and charged for making a false threat of terrorism, the charges could also result in the teacher serving jail for twenty years if she is found guilty.

Until now, there has been no motive found behind the bizarre crime committed by the teacher. Other schools in a similar area have also found multiple false alarms since four children were shot dead at Oxford High School on November 30. Rhone is the first teacher from the school to be accused of issuing such false threats. Rhone's lawyer has denied the allegations.

Rhone is a creative arts teacher and has taught in the school for almost 21 years. After the court hearing, the Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido said in a news conference, "I only read things like this and it has one plain straightforward meaning."

He added, "I would not want to be around the school nor would I want my own child or children to be around that school. And I do not think any parent would want their kid around the school when somebody is making a threat of that nature. We are all on high alert. These are unprecedented times with unprecedented things that are happening."


According to a statement given by Lakeview Public School's superintendent Karl Paulson, Rhone has never had any serious complaints or concerns against her throughout her time at school. Paulson said, "this alleged behavior is unacceptable and disappointing. Lakeview is committed to providing a quality education for the students and families of our community."

The police authorities have said that Rhone has not cooperated with them during the investigation and has refused to comment on the issue. As the evidence was shown in front of the judge, Rhone was on a video call from inside the cell of the St Clair Shores Police Department and said, "not true, not true, not true." 

If Rhone is be released from police custody, she will not be able to come in contact with anyone from Jefferson Middle School. Next conference for Rhone is set for February 1.