Sex Pistols legend John Lydon looks shockingly unrecognisable as he is snapped at Los Angeles airport

The lead singer of the 70s punk band has had a drastic transformation in the last two years, rendering his almost unrecognisable

                            Sex Pistols legend John Lydon looks shockingly unrecognisable as he is snapped at Los Angeles airport

John Lydon rose to fame in the early 1970s for defining British Punk and being the lead singer of the band, 'The Sex Pistols'. The singer, who went by the moniker Johnny Rotten and was visually famous for his wiry frame and unruly spikes at his prime, now looks drastically different, especially the transformation in the last two years has rendered him almost unrecognisable.

When Lydon landed in LA Airport on Sunday, fans witnessed firsthand how drastic the change has been. The 62-year-old still had his trademark tangerine hair and also his fun and quirky sense of style. However, he only shared a passing resemblance to his former alter ego Johnny Rotten. The music legend looked very calm and relaxed as he picked up his luggage, shod in a loose-fitting striped shirt and a pair of matching trousers. 


The star has kept a very low profile of late and made a rare appearance with his wife at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York last April when he went to attend the premiere of his new film - 'Public Image is Rotten'. The film is about the band that John attempted to put together after the 'Sex Pistols' split up in the year 1978. The band is known as Public Image Ltd and John has kept that going for over 40 years. 

According to the New York Post, Lydon shared, "Live performance is what we live for. I view PiL gigs as church without religion. The rule book is thrown out and we keep the venues small. I have serious eye contact with the audience and that shapes the songs". 

Last October, Johnny was denied entry into a party which was launched on behalf of the film. As reported by the Sun, he was refused entry from a bar three times even though the party was being hosted for him. A source shared, "Only Johnny Rotten could be banned from his own party, but he was barely able to stand. He played the perfect hell-raiser". In the film, John spoke about his stage personality Johnny Rotten. 


"Johnny Rotten was a piece of work. I wanted to be Johnny Rotten," he admitted. He also opened up about his wife Nora and shared that she was a "saucy girl". "She's not public fodder, she's a very private person. But it's love, you know. I've always loved that woman. When we met we didn't expect to get on. We'd both been told the other was a bad 'un. But blimey. Sparks flew. It was an instant attraction. And that's never gone. I never expected to feel like that. I never thought I was in any way attractive. Or anyone's idea of a good date," he revealed. 

According to the New York Post, John also shared his thoughts on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and said, "It seems as if they like each other. Leave them be happy. I love [the royals] as human beings. I just hate the tax fraudulence we have to endure".