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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen pregnant with 3rd child, say fans after she cradles ‘baby bump’ in ‘Wild’ video

In the video, Teigen can be seen cradling her tummy as Legend embraced her and there is a slight hint of a baby bump there. Fans, of course, immediately began speculating if Teigen was pregnant again
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen (Getty Images)
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen (Getty Images)

John Legend's latest music video encapsulates his love for wife Chrissy Teigen. But does it hint at something bigger? On Thursday, August 13, the Grammy winner debuted the music video for ‘Wild’, a single off his new album ‘Bigger Love’. In the video, Legend and Teigen can be seen lazing around on a beach, driving together, and more. The romantic video, however, had a little scene in the end that fans took notice of immediately. 

In the video, Teigen could be seen cradling her tummy as John embraced her. And there is a slight hint of a baby bump there. Fans, of course, immediately began speculating if Teigen was pregnant again. 


On YouTube, one fan wrote in the comments section, “Hold up?!?!?!?!? Was that a baby bump?” Another wrote, “At the very end they make it look as if she's announcing a new baby.” Yet another said, “OMG am I the only one that noticed our girl is pregnant? baby number 3 yassssss!!????!”
On Twitter too, fans couldn’t stop wondering if this was a veiled pregnancy announcement. One fan asked Teigen, “Baby #3? The hands on the belly…”


A fan wrote to Teigen’s announcement of the music video, “Wonderful! Are we expecting?????” to which another responded with, “I was wondering the same thing. I saw John and the beautiful family. Chrissy held her belly & John rubbed it like she had a baby bump. It looked like a reveal at the end that they are adding to their family. It would be more great news if Chrissy is pregnant. Congrats on the vid.”


More and more Twitter users could not help but wonder if she was pregnant. "was that a pregnancy reveal at the end?" asked another Twitter user. 


The speculation soon turned into full-blown excitement, as fans of Legend and Teigen began to celebrate a completely unconfirmed pregnancy hint. “Can’t wait for another chrissy teigen & john legend baby... I mean look at them!!!” wrote a fan.


Another fan wrote, "Very here for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend with a quarantine baby! This is the good news we needed today."


Legend and Teigen first met in 2006 on the set of his music video for ‘Stereo’. They began dating and eventually tied the knot in 2013 in Italy. The happily married duo went on to welcome their first child, Luna, in 2016, and their second child, Miles, in 2018. Both children make an appearance in the ‘Wild’ music video.

In August 2019, Teigen wrote on her Instagram that she wanted to “wait a few years before attempting” to expand her family, explaining, “These guys are exhausting!”

But in March 2018, while she was still expecting Miles, she told Us Weekly, “I think I do want to have another baby after this and then get hot… I just want to [have] babies, back to back to back, but then I think maybe I want to have my 30s, really live in my 30s and not just be pregnant throughout them.”

Teigen added, “I have a husband who truly loves the whole experience. He holds my belly at night, sings to it, wants to be there for me. I’m really lucky because some men start to look at you like a tool, I’ve heard, so I’ve been scared and don’t let that happen to me! But it hasn’t and it’s really good.”