Pimps, drugs and sexual assault: John Jay College of Criminal Justice professors accused of running a den of vice

The most shocking allegation is against Anthony Marcus, the former chair of the anthropology department, who is accused of raping a student

                            Pimps, drugs and sexual assault: John Jay College of Criminal Justice professors accused of running a den of vice

It's not often we come across news where professors walk on the wrong side of the law, especially if they are from law colleges. But, two graduates from a John Jay College of Criminal Justice have come forward and said that their professors themselves went on the wrong side of the law. 

Naomi Haber, 24, and Claudia Cojocaru, 39, in an interview with the NewYork Post on Saturday opened up about the misconduct at the Manhattan college.


They alleged that the professors allegedly used and sold drugs, and “pimped” out and sexually preyed on students.

A spokesman for the inspector general said the New York State inspector general and the Manhattan district attorney's office are investigating the allegations, which date back to 2014, even though the probe is in the early stages. 


Four professors have been put on administrative leave in the wake of the allegations: Anthony Marcus, the former anthropology chair; Richard 'Ric' Curtis, an expert on illegal drug markets; Barry Spunt, a former chair of the sociology department; and Leonardo Dominguez, an epidemiologist and adjunct professor.

The most shocking allegation is Haber's that Marcus, the former chair of the anthropology department, had violently raped her at an academic conference in Washington DC when she was a 21-year-old sophomore.

"He put his hands around my throat, choked me with both hands and forced himself inside me without warning," she had written in her complaint. "The only thing I could do was to go numb and detach myself from my body." 


Apart from that Haber even claims that Curtis took advantage of her sheltered upbringing because she was a Jew. She claimed that Curtis tried to seduce her to have sex with academic colleagues, including another professor he was trying to recruit to teach at John Jay. Haber and Cojocaru said that Curtis, was an expert in illegal drugs, most importantly heroin and that he often used and sold drugs from his office in 'The Swamp' (A secluded annex building used for drug use and sex). Cojocaru even claimed that Curtis had groped her while they were at another professor's party in Brooklyn.


Hailing from a Romania, Cojocaru said that she was a victim of sex trafficking and later became a permanent resident in 2011 through the Violence Against Women Act.

She is currently a John Jay adjunct professor teaching a course on Sex and Culture. She also filed a complaint against Spunt, 70, claiming that the associate sociology professor touched her butt without her consent and used to grope her.

"He made inappropriate comments about my unwillingness to sit on Ric's lap to show 'gratitude' about being 'helped' by Dr. Curtis," she added. 


On the other hand, Spunt's attorney Carmen Jack Giordano revealed to the Post that Cojocaru's accusations were 'vicious and defamatory'. He even said that the accusations made were because Cojocaru failed to get into John Jay's PhD program. Curtis' attorney Robert Herbst also accused Cojocaru of the same. 

Professor Marcus's lawyer, Scott Simpson, told the New York Times that the professor adamantly denied the allegations. 

In a statement, a spokesperson for the college said, "The safety of all members of the John Jay community is of utmost importance to us, and we expect every member of our community to live up to our standards of conduct." They added that tey were cooperating with the law enforcement.