Disney are remaking the classic film High Fidelity, and John Cusack thinks they're going to screw it up

Disney are remaking the classic film High Fidelity, and John Cusack thinks they're going to screw it up
High Fidelity movie poster (Sources : Getty Images)

Recently, Disney made headlines when it announced that it had plans to re-make the comedy-drama film 'High Fidelity' into a TV series.

Clearly, the news of Disney's attempt to re-make the movie has not sat well with the star of the 2000 movie, John Cusack who has not held back his opinions and point of view. 

John's exasperated thoughts in response to the re-make news were uploaded on Twitter and were joined by many fans and followers who expressed their own thoughts and personal opinions on the matter.

The outspoken actor is known for his blunt and straightforward views on different kinds of topics which include baseball and politics. 

The tweet read, "Of course - they want to brand their thing with our thing- they’ll f**k it up ;)"

John Cusack did not leave the matter to one tweet and responded to a user taking aim at the nature of the re-make using a quote said by his own character. 

It was reported last week that Disney is going to be working on a re-imagining of Nick Hornby's novel.


Disney is also believed to be toning down the original film's humor and will cater to primarily family viewing. 

Unlike in the original film, Cusack's character Rob Gordon will be gender-swapped with the intention that High Fidelity will be re-told from a woman's perspective. When questioned about whether Cusack was okay about having a female protagonist, he seemed fine about the gender swap. 

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There has been no announcement regarding the casting just yet. 

The High Fidelity movie is just two years short of hitting its 20th-anniversary mark and given the film's success, the re-make seemed like a viable idea.

As has happened to many re-makes before, the decision to re-make High Fidelity also faced a controversial and mixed reaction. 


John Cusack joins stars such as Bette Midler who have openly expressed their frustration that studios are attempting to re-create classic and old films. Midler had a similar reaction when news spread that there would be TV remake of the Halloween Classic Hocus Pocus.