Did John Cena, worth $55 million, donate $40,000 to late friend Shad Gaspard’s GoFundMe page? 

Did John Cena, worth $55 million, donate $40,000 to late friend Shad Gaspard’s GoFundMe page? 
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WWE star John Cena recently lost his fellow wrestler Shad Gaspard, who passed away while trying to save his 10-year-old son Aryeh from drowning during a family day out to Venice Beach on May 17. He paid tribute to Gaspard by sharing a picture of them ravaging John Bradshaw Layfield's limo from 2008 on Instagram. Cena captioned it, “CTC = Cryme Tyme Cenation." 

Similar to his latest post, an anonymous donor on Gaspard's GoFund page, after making a generous donation of a whopping $40,000 wrote, “CTC RIP”, reports Daily Mail. However, the donor has chosen to remain discreet about their contribution, although many have noted that the large chunk of donation for Gaspard’s family may have come from Cena. Taking into account the great heights Cena has achieved in his wrestling career and also his advent into the realm of entertainment, one shouldn’t be surprised to learn about his support for Gaspard’s family. 

The 42-year-old WWE champion is reportedly worth $55 million. According to Forbes, he was the highest-paid WWE player, with $9.5 million in salary in 2016. He’s also said to make an impressive sum from the royalties for his merchandise. “Nobody comes close to catching the face that runs the place. Cena not only has the biggest base salary of any weekly performer, but he also blows away the competition when it comes to merchandise sales. Cena's earnings may soon be on the rise as he's begun to follow former colleague Dwayne 'The Rock' John into a second act in Hollywood,” Forbes noted. 

As stated above, Cena earned quite a reputation within Hollywood by featuring in ‘Sisters’, ‘Trainwreck', ‘Ready to Rumble’, ‘The Marine’, ‘12 Rounds’ and ‘Daddy’s Home’ are a few among many films he’s acted in. His success in films and an impregnable position in WWE also brought his way numerous endorsement opportunities. Cena has also been the face of many brands by featuring in a string of commercials including Hefty Ultra Strong kitchen wear, Ernie the elephant’s voice in Wonderful Pistachio, Gold’s Gym, Subway and the energy drink YJ Stinger. 

According to Hot Cars, Cena prides in his collection of cars as much as he does in his performance in the ring. He reportedly owns a 2005 Ford GT, Corvette, 2009 Corvette ZR1, Ferrari F430 Spider, and many other fancy automobiles. 

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