Joe Exotic's quirky fashion line 'Revenge and Backstabber' is a dig at haters and it's selling like hot cakes

Joe Exotic is using his popularity and digging into the fashion industry with his new streetwear range and it looks like he has already created a buzz

                            Joe Exotic's quirky fashion line 'Revenge and Backstabber' is a dig at haters and it's selling like hot cakes
Joe Exotic (Netflix)

We have known Joe Exotic as the Tiger King but it looks like he has some other plans up his sleeves. Joe Exotic recently launched his fashion range from behind the bars and the sales have proved that his Netflix documentary has done him more good than he had thought. After being left almost broke with his expensive court cases, it looks like he is making good use of his fame.

The Netflix documentary had shown the life of Joe that people had not seen before while also bringing in people who had known him. It seems like Joe is using his fashion range to swipe a dig at all those people who have done him wrong as he named it 'Revenge and Backstabber'. While he may not be able to do much from behind the bars, it looks like the name says a lot. 

His collection has T-shirts, hoodies and joggers, among other things. With a variety of colors offered to the buyers, these clothing items have tiger designs on them. It looks like all his fans have been floating over to the website to purchase these clothes as all the items were sold out within hours after the release. 

He reportedly made over $20,000 by selling the few designs that were released. Joe had signed a deal with streetwear brand Odaingerous less than two weeks ago and it looks like they have already made huge profits out of this deal. The brand was quick to roll out some of the designs and it has already caused havoc with people wanting more of it. 

7,000 designs were reportedly rolled out on the first day and looking at the sales, the company plans on restocking the items while probably bringing in more designs into the collection. Despite his criminal past, it looks like the documentary has done more good to him than he had expected. 

With the series doing extremely well and with many people binge-watching it, it seems like Joe is already trying his best to gain his freedom back. It has been reported he has hired Executive Manager Eric Love to join his legal team with the hope that he will not have to stay behind bars for a long time.

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