Biden's wife Jill and Harris' husband Doug are buddies already: 'They sat together and laughed during debates'

The Democratic candidates shared in an interview that their spouses share a real and very special bond

                            Biden's wife Jill and Harris' husband Doug are buddies already: 'They sat together and laughed during debates'
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The only people who actually have a clue as to what major-party nominees on the presidential campaign trail go through are their spouses, and it has now come to light that Joe Biden's wife and Kamala Harris' husband were "buddies" even before Biden and Harris joined the Democratic ticket.

Harris spoke to People in her first joint interview with Biden since being named vice presidential nominee. "They have a real bond and that's also very special," she said of their better halves. The pair discussed their own "shared values" and how they plan to work together in the Oval Office even through disagreements. Harris and her attorney husband Doug Emhoff drove up to Wilmington, Delaware to meet Joe and Jill Biden, a community college professor, the day after the former Veep offered Harris the historical spot on the Democratic ticket.

"One of the first stops was to visit with the vice president and Jill at their home, and we just hung out [with] homemade chocolate-chip cookies and just caught up," Harris said. The families bonded over family photos, she revealed, before "Joe called my in-laws, Barb and Mike, and we surprised them."

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff (Getty Images)

Biden and Harris also talked about how quickly the four clicked, adding that Jill and Dough have also been exchanging supportive social media messages. "To be the spouse of a candidate, that's tough duty," Harris, 55, told People. "I think that their bond is about that they can genuinely like each other and have that friendship and can do it together."

The Democratic presidential hopeful, 77, couldn't agree more. "Doug and Jill already were buddies, for real," he said.

"Yeah, they were," Harris continued. "They were on the trail together. So what ends up happening is that the candidate spouses, they take to the road on their own and go to various places that we can't be. So Doug and Jill did the gay pride parade together in Las Vegas. They've done presentations together, and they sit next to each other at debates."

"During the debates, we'd be going at each other — they're just laughing," Biden chimed in between. "Right, sitting there laughing," Harris continued. "We're looking down like, 'How'd I do?' And they're just chatting with each other."

Joe Biden and Dr Jill Biden in a classroom after she addressed the DNC (Getty Images)

The selection of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's 2020 running mate was big for plenty of reasons. Harris has been touted as being the first Black woman to be picked for a major party US presidential ticket, albeit her origins are still a subject of controversy. Nonetheless, she will be the first woman vice president if Biden defeats President Donald Trump come November.

Harris, a junior senator from California, ran against Biden in the Democratic presidential primaries. She dropped out of the presidential race in December, and on March 8, she endorsed Biden’s candidacy despite heavily criticizing him in the primaries. “Joe Biden has to win this election,” Harris said in June. “We have two choices, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. We need to elect Joe Biden," she added.

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