Donald Trump trolled as Biden visits old friend Bob Dole after cancer diagnosis: 'He wouldn't visit dead soldiers'

People compared Trump to the likes of political opponents Biden and Obama, said it's a 'sign of normalcy in Washington'

                            Donald Trump trolled as Biden visits old friend Bob Dole after cancer diagnosis: 'He wouldn't visit dead soldiers'
President Joe Biden, Bob Dole and Donald Trump (Getty Images)

President Joe Biden visited former Kansas senator Bob Dole at his private home in Washington DC, on Saturday, after the 1996 Republican presidential nominee announced on Thursday that he has stage 4 lung cancer. A White House statement said that Biden was visiting 'his close friend', who he served within the Senate together for decades.
Dole, 97, said in a statement that he will begin treatment Monday. "While I certainly have some hurdles ahead, I also know that I join millions of Americans who face significant health challenges of their own," he said, in an NBC report.

Dole, a retired attorney, served as a US senator from Kansas from 1969 to 1996 and also served as both the Senate majority and minority leader during his long career. The Internet shared their thoughts on the President's visit and compared Biden to Donald Trump, slamming the ex-President for never once visiting the ailing Republican.


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President Joe Biden (Getty Images)


Biden is 'just a mensch'

"Glad to see a President like Biden who is gracious and would visit Bob Dole, a political opponent who is also a colleague & a friend," said a tweet. "President Biden is paying an afternoon visit to Bob Dole, his longtime Senate colleague who's battling cancer and starts treatment Monday. Yet another sign of normalcy in Washington, with a visit from the president to one of the remaining legends from the Greatest Generation," said another.

Another Twitter called Biden a good person, saying, "Biden spent an hour today with Bob Dole, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, in an unannounced visit. He's just a mensch."





Way Barack treated Dole, 'such class'

Some shared older interviews, quoting Dole saying, "I asked Joe, how should I call you. He said call me Joe. I didn't know whether Mr Vice Pesident. Or candidate for 2020. I got a call from Pres Trump. He said Don't you say too many good things about Biden. He may run against me. But Joe Biden is a special guy Bob Dole 3/1/2017".

Another noted, "During 16' inauguration, both Obama and Clinton stopped by to greet Bob and Libby Dole, while Trump just barely acknowledge them. That is the difference." Another Twitterati shared a stark video of how Obama and Trump met Dole and his wife four years ago: "As Bob Dole hits the news today, we shall take this time to remember how President Obama and Donald Trump treated him four years ago. How anyone can admire Trump and not Obama is beyond me!"

Another tweet spoke about the incident, saying, "I recall at the Inauguration of 45, Trump walked right past him with nary a glance, while Barack jumped out of line to shake hands with and chat up Bob Dole who was in a wheelchair. Such class."






'Trump wouldn't even visit a dead soldier'

"This is what presidents do. The most recent last president would have tweeted an insult about the war hero senator," quipped a Twitter user, as another said, "Trump wouldn’t even visit a dead soldier.... What a difference a President makes."

Some noticed how Dole had supported Trump before. "Got to disagree here, Ron. Dole attended the 2016 GOP convention (unlike nearly all other former nominees) AND endorsed Trump. That would have made Dole "a good one" in Trump's eyes," said a tweet, while another said, "And Dole supported Trump! Guess being a good man is important to some! 🙏." 





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