Joe Biden wins Florida, Illinois and Arizona but his campaigning struggles are hilarious: 'Am I on camera?'

The former vice president added three more states to his kitty on March 17 taking a huge lead over nearest rival Bernie Sanders

                            Joe Biden wins Florida, Illinois and Arizona but his campaigning struggles are hilarious: 'Am I on camera?'
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Three states went to primaries on the third Super Tuesday of the American presidential election cycle on March 17 and former Vice President Joe Biden had another field day. He won all the three (Florida, Illinois and Arizona) against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The fourth state, Ohio, did not go to the polling after its governor postponed it at the last minute because of the coronavirus scare and it will now be held in June. 

Both Biden and Sanders, the last two major candidates in the race for the Democratic nomination, made considerable changes to their campaign plans in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak that has claimed over 100 lives in the country. They have focused more on virtual campaigns and even avoided shaking hands with each other and the moderators of the 11th Democratic presidential debate in Washington DC last Sunday, March 15. 

'Am I on camera?'

But the over-dependence on technology has not been too easy for the veterans either. The 77-year-old Biden, for instance, struggled to synchronize himself with the camera at his campaign’s first attempt at a virtual town hall and asked: “Am I on camera?” The attempt did not go as planned as sound errors left the guests scrambling with their ears. Sanders, who is finding the contest increasingly challenging now as the delegate gap between him and Biden widens, did a better job in live-streaming his events.

On the voting turf, however, Biden has turned unstoppable at the moment. He started off with poor shows in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada but made a strong comeback with a big win in South Carolina. He then went on to win 10 out of 14 states on the first Super Tuesday on March 3 and then made it 5-1 on the next Super Tuesday which was March 10. The three-out-of-three results on March 17 pushed him much ahead of Sanders and it is now a matter of time for Biden to clinch the nomination officially and take on President Donald Trump, the Republican candidate who also won his party’s nomination on the same day. 

Sanders, however, has not conceded defeat yet.

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